SunEarth, along with solar companies from across California, will gather to support the future development of solar energy at the 2017 Solar + Storage Worker Day in Sacramento. Organized by the California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA), the day will highlight the significant potential for job creation from a thriving solar energy industry with employees representing their respective solar energy companies.

Solar Created My Job, and it Probably Created Yours

Solar industry workers are invited to share what their solar careers mean to them with legislators from across the state.

For an entire day, your story will be the star of the show. It’s well worth the time, energy, and effort.

Securing Solar for All

One of the legislative priorities for 2017 Solar + Storage Worker Day will be to focus on ensuring market certainty for Solar + Storage throughout the state.

Help educate lawmakers about the importance of solar and storage jobs in California, and the need to support legislation that promotes solar energy, energy storage and the industry as a whole.

This may seem foreign or complicated, however, government representatives are elected to ensure the citizen's views and beliefs are heard. Meeting with your representatives and senators will be anything but daunting this coming 2017 Solar + Storage Worker Day. It is critical that the voices of those in support of the solar industry are not intimidated but instead invigorated to participate in this process.

In the solar industry, we know that education is the best medicine for uncertainty — for customers, investors and legislators alike.

So What will Happen?

SunEarth and industry colleagues will meet with key staffers who are subject matter experts and help legislators prepare for their committee work. Groups like CALSEIA develop strong relationships with these key staffers to ensure the legislator has the data they need to make decisions in key areas like the Investment Tax Credit or other legislation of concern to the solar industry.

Legislators want to hear how constituents are benefitting from the legislative process. If you can make it to Sacramento, California on Tuesday, August 29th to make your voice heard it helps you, your company, and the industry. Register with CALSEIA for Solar + Storage Worker Day here: https://calseia.z2systems.com/


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