SunEarth, your Solar Energy Specialists, announces the latest in Solar Hot Water Stations.

Introducing the DRAINPACK Hot Water Station, the SOLARAY AC Hot Water Station and the ISLANDER Hot Water Station, three new hot water stations available by SunEarth. Featuring Ease of Use, and Value wrapped up into three convenient systems.

The DRAINPACK Hot Water Station

The Drainpack Hot Water Station (HWS) was specifically designed and engineered with the professional installer in mind. The HWS is factory assembled using top tier components and is tested for hydraulic integrity to ensure a smooth installation. The Drainpack HWS pairs perfectly with SunEarth’s high performing Cascade drainback system and includes all necessary components while eliminating dozens of intermediate connections.

The ISLANDER Hot Water Station

Innovative installation practices go hand in hand with innovative products and the Islander, SunEarth’s most recent addition to its hot water station lineup is nothing short of innovative. In short, The Islander is performance, longevity, and ease of installation that’s guaranteed to satisfy the professional installer.

Featuring stainless steel and copper components, and a backup heating element, the Islander hot water station is designed to last.

The SOLARAY AC Hot Water Station

The SunEarth SolaRay AC is ready to install, pre-engineered hot water station (HWS) that is designed with seamless installation in mind. Factory assembled using top tier components and tested for hydraulic integrity. The SolaRay AC HWS contains all the components and safety devices necessary for SunEarth’s high performing SolaRay AC indirect glycol system. Featuring an all copper, double walled heat exchanger, an adjustable three speed pump and manufactured by SunEarth, the SolaRay AC HWS is the installers obvious choice.

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