The growing global appetite for greener energy, a paradox if you will. Sales of solar panels and wind turbines have increased in recent years, as this has come to pass so too does the scale of an often-overlooked problem now being stored for future generations. What happens to all the “green” infrastructure when it reaches the end of its life?

When early-generation green technology is replaced, much of it now finds its way into landfills or incinerators. This is not only a blow to waste-reduction efforts, adding hundreds of thousands of tons of rubbish to the global tally every year, but is also a colossal missed opportunity.

SunEarth is passionate about making total recycling of green energy technology a reality. Which is why SunEarth Liquid Flat Plate Solar Collectors, have replacement capacity factored into their design. Comprised of metals and glass, our Liquid Flat Plate Collectors come equipped with the ability to have components separated and replaced or removed for easy recycling of the commodity metals within thus ensuring that all SunEarth Collectors offer the longest possible high performing life span. As a basis of design, we strive to make our world as green as can be.

A healthy economy requires constant production and consumption. But with a scarcity of natural resources, and with the desire to achieve a sustainable future, we must strive for a circular economy in which products that have reached the end of their life are no longer seen as waste, but as a valuable resource for future production.

With this in mind, Happy SunEARTH DAY 2017!

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