Case Study: Solar Water Heating at Laʻi ʻŌpua Village, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii


Project Overview

The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) initiated the construction of 60 homes within the Laʻi ʻŌpua Village in Kealakehe, Hawaiʻi Island. This project marked the second Rent-With-Option-To-Purchase undertaking by DHHL, aimed at providing affordable housing for low-income families and individuals.

The first 60 homes, a part of the larger 118-unit Laʻi ʻŌpua Village 4 – Akau, were made available to beneficiaries in mid-2021. An additional 103 Rent-With-Option-To-Purchase units are planned for subsequent construction to complete Laʻi ʻŌpua Village 4 – Akau and the current Laʻi ʻŌpua Village 5. Financing for the project included Federal and State low-income housing tax credit equity secured by Hunt Capital Partners, in collaboration with Ikaika ʻOhana and Urban Housing Communities. Ultimately, the project will provide affordable single-family rental homes for DHHL Undivided Interest (UI) and Waiting List applicants, who may convert their rental into a 99-year homestead lease after 15 years.

Solar Water Heating Integration

All units within the Laʻi ʻŌpua Village include solar water heating and storage systems provided by SunEarth. The project features the following configurations:

SWHS-1 Solar Hot Water System for 2 Bedrooms (27 total)

SWHS-2 Solar Hot Water System for 3 Bedrooms (27 total)

SWHS-3 Solar Hot Water System for 4 or more Bedrooms (6 total)


The integration of SunEarth solar water heating systems into the Laʻi ʻŌpua Village project in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, is a significant step towards achieving sustainability and cost-effectiveness. This case study demonstrates how solar water heating technology has been successfully incorporated into an affordable housing project, providing renewable and cost-effective hot water solutions for low-income families. The inclusion of solar water heating aligns with DHHL's commitment to offering sustainable, energy-efficient housing to its beneficiaries.

Contact Information

For more information about SunEarth and their solar water heating solutions, visit SunEarth.

For details on the plumbing and installation services provided by Dorvin Leis, visit Dorvin Leis Plumber.

To learn more about Inter-Island Solar Supply, the distributor of solar components for the project, visit Inter-Island Solar Supply.



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