Solar Water Heating for Hospitality Industry

The Nantucket Hotel & Resort, Nantucket, MA

The Nantucket Hotel & Resort, Nantucket, MA

Hotel and Motels utilize thousands of gallons of hot water for their guests.

From showers, linens, towel washing, to food service, and recreational facilities, solar hot water systems can dramatically reduce water heating expenses, while also promoting your business as environmentally friendly. 

Efficient hotels & motels solar water heaters designed and engineered by SunEarth can help the hospitality industry save money on their annual water heating expenses.

Appropriate for Any Location

One might conclude that solar hot water heating is only an option for properties in southern locations but that is not the case. The sun generates enough energy even in northern locations to make solar thermal systems feasible. 

Adequate roof space is important and of course access to sunlight is key. 

Feasible for Most Hotels

Most hotels and motels have solar potential. With typical installations reducing the amount of energy needed to heat hot water by two-thirds, solar thermal systems are becoming a much more sensible solution for new and existing hotels. In fact, they are five times more efficient at producing energy when compared to solar photovoltaic systems.

Featured Projects

The Nantucket Hotel

nantucket hotel

The Nantucket is a hotel that was originally built in 1891 and completely renovated and lovingly restored in 2012. Our team at SunEarth assisted The Nantucket with a renovation in 2018 by adding a Hot Water System comprised of 21 SunEarth Thermoray (TRB-26) Flat Plate Collectors were installed during the later part of the year and went online December 13th, 2018.

To learn more about this project, view the case study

Kawada Hotel

kawada hotel

The Kawada Hotel is centrally located in Downtown LA. Visitors to the vibrant Downtown neighborhood of Los Angeles have been choosing the Kawada Hotel as their affordable refuge for decades. In 2019, the SunEarth team installed a Hot Water System comprised of 36 SunEarth Thermoray (TRB) Flat Plate Collectors for the hotel.

To learn more about this project, view the case study


Marriott Residence Inn

marriott hotel

Marriott Residence Inn is located in San Carlos, California. In 2017, the SunEarth team installed 60 SunEarth Thermoray 4' x 10' (TRB-40) Flat Plate Collectors.

To learn more about this project, view the case study


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