Solar Drainback Reservoirs

The CopperStor represents a cost effective advance in drainback reservoir design. Fabricated from spun-end seamless copper tubing with no ferrous metal components, the CopperStor is nearly impervious to corrosion and allows for direct sweated connections without the need for troublesome dielectric unions.

High temperature 15% silver brazed joints ensure high strength and are not affected by lower temperature flames used for sweating the connections. A 3/4″ brass cap on the top of the units creates a simple and cost effective method for checking the fill level with a dipstick. CopperStor reservoirs are finished with a water-based matte black paint and wrapped in 1/2″ Rubatex insulation to minimize heat loss and sound.

CopperStor drainback reservoirs have been designed for use with the SunEarth Cascade OG-300 solar water heating system, but they may be incorporated into most other professionally engineered drainback systems.


Reservoir Specifications

SunEarth Model Number Width (in) Length (in) Depth (in) Dry Weight (lbs) Fluid Capacity (US gal) Wet Weight (lbs) Max Pressure (psig) Connection Pipe Dia. (in)
DB-5.0 12 50 5 42 5.0 82 160 3/4
DB-7.5 18 50 5 56 7.5 117 160 3/4
DB-10.0 24 50 5 84 10.0 164 160 3/4


Typical Applications

CopperStor drainback reservoirs can be seamless coupled with the SunEarth HE double wall solar reservoir to create our popular Cascade indirect solar water heating system. Using the SunEarth HE reservoir climates the need for a second pump and external heat exchanger. The CopperStor drainback reservoir can easily be hung from the wall adjacent to the SunEarth HE reservoir for an easy and unobtrusive installation.

For applications where it is not economical to replace the existing storage reservoir or preferable to have a external heat exchanger, the Copperstor may be used in combinations with our SunPlate heat exchanger in our versatile Cascade 2 indirect solar water heating system.

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