SunEarth Double Wall Heat Exchange Solar Tank

What is a Solar Double Wall Heat Exchanger?

A solar thermal system warms water by using a heat exchanger. This heat exchanger is powered by the energy collected from solar panels. A double wall heat exchanger is similar to a single wall heat exchanger, however, it has a double barrier that protects the potable water from the solar fluid. The double layer works as extra protection for your hot water reserves. 

Common Material For Double Wall Heat Exchangers:

  • Copper

  • Steel

What Do I Need a Double Wall Heat Exchanger For?

Double wall heat exchangers are necessary whenever toxic fluids are used as a heat transfer fluid. Incorporating the double wall heat exchanger can eliminate the chance for cross-contamination. Make sure to check your building code to see if this type of heat exchanger is required for your project.


Available in 80 and 120 Gallon Models

  • Single element water heater specifically engineered for installation with residential indirect solar systems

  • Temperature and pressure relief valve included

  • Collector feed and return fittings located at front of tank for convenient installation

  • Isolated tank design for better heat retention

  • High efficiency stainless steel heating element

  • Tank lining resists corrosion and prolongs tank life

  • Heat exchanger: copper tubing wrapped around and secured to the tank.

  • Double wall, vented design for positive leak detection

  • Cold water dip tube brings cold water to tank bottom to prevent mixing with heated water

  • Anode rod equalizes aggressive water action for prolonged tank life

  • Cold water inlet, hot water outlet, relief valve and anode rod at top of tank for easy access and fast, economical installation

  • Automatic temperature control

  • Over temperature protector

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