Commercial Solar Thermal Collectors 

Versatile Solutions

SunEarth manufactures the Empire, SunBelt, and Thermoray series liquid flat plate solar thermal (hot water) collectors.

The Empire series sets the industry standard for quality, performance, durability and value. The SunBelt series was specifically designed for the extreme climate of the American southwest. The ThermoRay Series has everything that professional contractors demand in a solar collector: Sleek appearance, high performance, versatility, ease of installation, and rugged field-tested durability.

The extraordinary SunBurst all-copper absorber plate is the heart of the SunEarth Empire and Sunbelt Series flat belt collectors. 

SunEarth’s tough and versatile SolarStrut and RexRack mounting hardware provides an engineered solution for all standard residential and commercial mounting applications.


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SunEarth Flat Plate Collector

How Many BTU’s Does a SunEarth Collector Produce Per Hour?

SunEarth has two major collector models: the TRB and the Empire. Our team has calculated the BTU’s of each type of collector for the amount of energy produced per square foot per hour. The numbers we used for these calculations are also available on the SRCC website. Based on the calculations, the TRB will give you 132 BTU’s per square foot per hour.  The Empire will give you 121 BTU’s per square foot per hour. This data is also is based on a 6-hour day.

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