Case Study: Solar Water Heating at Mission Hayward Apartments in Hayward, California


Project Name: Mission Hayward Apartments

Solar Water Heating Installation Location: 29497 Mission Blvd, Hayward, CA 94554

Installer: Elm Distribution

Distributor: SunEarth

Project Overview

Mission Hayward Apartments, located in Hayward, California, stands as a testament to sustainability in residential complexes. Seeking to lower utility costs and embrace renewable energy solutions, the management embarked on a solar water heating project in partnership with Elm Distribution and SunEarth.

The objective was clear: to install a solar water heating system capable of efficiently meeting the hot water demands of the apartment complex while maximizing energy savings. Elm Distribution, a trusted distributor of renewable energy products, collaborated with SunEarth, a leading manufacturer of solar thermal solutions, to provide the necessary equipment for the installation.

Key Project Details:

Solution Provided

SunEarth's cutting-edge products were selected to meet the specific requirements of the Mission Hayward Apartments project. The installation comprised 45 TRB-40 Solar Collectors with Unions strategically placed to harness solar energy effectively. The Solar Station XXL served as the heart of the system, providing efficient circulation and control of the solar-heated water throughout the complex. Additionally, durable mounting racks ensured secure and optimized placement of the solar collectors on the rooftop, maximizing sun exposure and energy capture.

Installation Process

The installation was executed seamlessly by Elm Distribution's team of skilled technicians. They worked closely with the property management to ensure minimal disruption to residents while efficiently completing the project on time and within budget. The SunEarth products were integrated seamlessly into the existing infrastructure, with meticulous attention to detail to optimize performance and durability.

Outcome and Benefits

Following the installation of the SunEarth solar water heating system at Mission Hayward Apartments, the benefits were immediately evident:

The successful collaboration between Elm Distribution, SunEarth, and Mission Hayward Apartments exemplifies the potential of solar water heating systems to deliver cost-effective, sustainable solutions for residential complexes. With the installation of SunEarth's innovative products, Mission Hayward Apartments is poised to enjoy long-term energy savings and environmental benefits for years to come.

Contact Information

For more information about SunEarth's solar water heating solutions, visit SunEarth's website. For inquiries about Elm Distribution's services, please contact them directly.



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