Case Study: Solar Water Heating at Great Basin Bakery in Bishop, California


Project Overview

Great Basin Bakery, an iconic establishment in Bishop, California, is known for its commitment to quality and expansion. In line with their dedication to environmental responsibility, the bakery has taken a sustainable step by incorporating a cutting-edge domestic hot water solar system. This eco-friendly transformation was facilitated by the expertise of Ian Dews Plumbing.

The newly integrated solar water heating system has been seamlessly incorporated into the bakery's operations, strategically situated in the Bishop Plaza shopping center. The system comprises 4 - 4’ x 8’ SunEarth Solar collectors, strategically facing south at a 60-degree tilt, complemented by 2 SunEarth 80-gallon storage tanks. Notably, the system operates using a drain-back configuration, ensuring optimal efficiency by only containing fluid when actively operating. During inactive periods, the fluid safely drains back into a dedicated 15-gallon tank.

Key Project Details:

Great Basin Bakery's decision to embrace the SunEarth solar water heating system reflects a forward-thinking approach to energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. By harnessing solar power for domestic hot water needs, the bakery not only reduces its environmental impact but also realizes substantial long-term cost savings. The drain-back system design ensures no energy goes to waste, maximizing overall efficiency.

As a result of this sustainable investment, Great Basin Bakery can continue to serve its customers with delectable treats while contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

Contact Information

For further details on SunEarth's solar water heating solutions, visit the SunEarth website or contact them directly.

For inquiries about the installer, Ian Dews Plumbing, and their expertise in solar water heating installations, please visit their website or contact them directly.



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