Case Study: Solar Water Heating at Hope on Hyde Park, Los Angeles, California


Project Overview

Hope on Hyde Park, a pioneering project in Los Angeles, California, stands as a beacon of hope for addressing homelessness and providing support to the vulnerable population. Developed by Aedie Real Estate Group and designed by KTGY, this transformative project is designated as Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH), aiming to offer fully ADA-compliant housing to the transitional homeless population in Los Angeles.

The project comprises 98 dwelling units with a unique architectural design, featuring special architectural features that create inviting outdoor spaces for residents to relax and socialize. Hope on Hyde Park addresses the critical need for Permanent Supportive Housing for those experiencing chronic homelessness in Los Angeles.

A notable aspect of this project is its integration of solar water heating systems provided by SunEarth. These systems offer various advantages, including environmental benefits, cost savings, and shortened development timelines. The project demonstrates how solar water heating technology can be a viable solution to address the homelessness crisis while providing quality housing in an environmentally responsible manner.

Key Project Details:

The integration of SunEarth solar water heating systems at Hope on Hyde Park not only contributes to energy efficiency but also aligns with the project's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The solar collectors provide renewable, cost-effective hot water solutions for the residents, reducing energy costs and making the project more environmentally friendly.

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