Case Study: Sustainable Healthcare Infrastructure in Cartago Province with SunEarth Solar Integration


In a significant step towards advancing healthcare infrastructure in Cartago Province, Social Security has unveiled a transformative project for the Turrialba Hospital. Valued at $92 million, this ambitious venture represents a vital healthcare development in the region.

Project Highlights

The Turrialba Hospital project is at the forefront of healthcare innovation, encompassing seven modern buildings designed to enhance healthcare services for the local community.

  1. Modern and Sustainable Facilities: The new hospital complex is being meticulously designed to provide comfortable, modern, safe, and environmentally-friendly facilities. Social Security, led by Roberto Cervantes-Barrantes, the manager, is committed to ensuring a healthcare environment that meets the highest standards.

  2. Expanded Capacity: The hospital's strategic design incorporates facilities to accommodate 110 beds and 25 outpatient clinics. Furthermore, the project features an emergency room equipped with four clinics and 20 observation beds. With a comprehensive approach, the hospital will offer over 21 medical specialties to meet the diverse healthcare needs of the community.

  3. Community Integration: Recognizing the importance of the Cabécar indigenous population, the hospital design incorporates areas tailored to the unique healthcare requirements of this vital community in the region. This inclusive approach underscores the commitment to providing equitable healthcare access to all.

  4. Promising Location: Situated in the La Susanita district, the new Turrialba Hospital occupies a 10-hectare site and comprises an impressive 40,000 meters of construction. This modern healthcare facility is on track for an inauguration slated for 2022.

SunEarth Solar Integration

As part of its commitment to sustainability, the Turrialba Hospital project is taking advantage of solar technology to harness clean and renewable energy. This initiative includes SunEarth solar collectors and solar water heating systems integrated into the hospital's infrastructure.

The installation of 220 SunEarth solar collectors by Hi-Power Solar underscores the project's dedication to eco-conscious energy solutions. These collectors will capture solar energy to power the hospital's various needs, contributing to a reduction in its carbon footprint and a commitment to sustainable energy practices.


The Turrialba Hospital project, with its SunEarth solar integration, represents a substantial leap forward in healthcare infrastructure for Cartago Province. Its design, expansive facilities, and the integration of sustainable SunEarth energy solutions herald a promising era for healthcare services in the region. As the project progresses towards completion in 2022, it is poised to make a significant impact on the community's well-being while setting a standard for sustainable healthcare infrastructure.

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