Case Study: Solar Water Heating at Hayward Mission Family Apartments


Project Overview

Hayward Mission Family Apartments is a new construction project consisting of 140 affordable housing units for low-income families and individuals. Situated in Alameda County, California, this property is strategically located adjacent to the South Hayward Bart Station, near various local amenities including restaurants, retail establishments, and the upcoming SoHay park.

The housing complex comprises 43 one-bedroom units, 55 two-bedroom units, and 42 three-bedroom units. It offers generous common areas and a spacious central courtyard, complete with amenities such as a children's play structure, community garden beds, a movie wall, and BBQ facilities. The project also includes a bike storage room accommodating up to 79 bicycles, electric vehicle/car share parking, and a rideshare waiting room, reflecting a commitment to reducing car dependence and fostering a sustainable community.

Solar Water Heating Integration

Notably, Hayward Mission incorporates solar water heating into its infrastructure. The installation of the solar hot water system was completed in December 2022. This eco-friendly addition has been an important aspect of the project, contributing to both sustainability and cost savings.

All units at Hayward Mission Family Apartments are equipped with solar water heating and storage systems provided by SunEarth.

Solar Components Used

The solar water heating system at Hayward Mission Family Apartments includes the following components:

Solar System Output

The solar water heating system provides a significant power output, totaling 119.74 kW. This sustainable solution not only reduces the property's carbon footprint but also results in substantial energy cost savings.


The integration of SunEarth solar water heating systems at Hayward Mission Family Apartments is a testament to the project's commitment to energy efficiency, sustainability, and creating an environmentally responsible community. This case study showcases how solar water heating technology has been successfully incorporated into an affordable housing project, providing low-income households with access to eco-friendly, cost-effective hot water solutions. The project exemplifies the potential for solar water heating to reduce energy expenses while promoting environmental responsibility.

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