Project Name: Arby's
Location:  Bozeman, Montana
Installed: 2015
Installer: Liquid Solar Systems
With a $2.25 million price tag, this Abry's located just southeast of Rosauers include's  a solar water heating system with a yearly energy output of 5,179 kwh AND a roof-mounted 15-kilowatt solar power system. 
Location: Bozeman, Montana
Application: Restaurant
Solar Collectors: 3 Sun Earth Thermoray 4' x 10' (TRB-40) Collectors
System Format: Solar pre-heated water 
Rated Power Output: 122.7ft2 / 10.76 * 0.7 = 7.98 kW 
Yearly Energy Output (kWh): 7.98*4.04*.44*365 = 5,179.15 kwh 
Contact Information: 
SunEarth www.sunearthinc.com 
Liquid Solar Systems http://liquidsolarsystems.com/




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