Case Study: Rosefield Village's Solar-Heated Affordability


Rosefield Village is a testament to Alameda's commitment to community development and sustainability. Located on a 2.4-acre site, this new construction project exemplifies the city's dedication to providing high-quality, independent, and affordable housing options. The development features 82 restricted rental units, along with 9 market-rate units and one unrestricted manager's unit. Among the residential offerings are 7 SRO/studio units, 36 one-bedroom units, 26 two-bedroom units, and 23 three-bedroom units. Residents can also enjoy an array of common amenities, including a community room, outdoor play area, 73 on-site open parking stalls, and 78 bike parking spaces.

The project's commitment to sustainable living is evident through the incorporation of a solar-hot water heating system. This system not only enhances residents' quality of life but also helps offset water heating costs. Beyond the solar heating, each unit offers upgraded kitchen and bathroom fixtures, ensuring modern, comfortable living spaces.

Construction of Rosefield Village commenced in July 2020 and was successfully completed in June 2022, marking a significant milestone in the city's ongoing mission to provide affordable housing to its residents.

Public Benefit

The impact of the Rosefield Village project extends to 91 households, reaffirming the city's dedication to facilitating high-quality, independent, and affordable housing. Every aspect of this development is geared toward providing a welcoming environment for its residents, with the following key details:

Key Project Details

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