Case Study: Sustainable Heating Transformation at Presidential Gardens, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Project Introduction:

Presidential Gardens, situated on over 24 acres of meticulously maintained grounds, has become a beacon of sustainable living. This sprawling property is thoughtfully divided into nine distinctive neighborhoods, featuring a variety of housing options. Townhouse-style units predominate, but the complex also boasts cozy one-bedroom garden-style apartments, catering to diverse residential needs.

Project Highlights:

The Sustainability Initiative: In November 2019, Presidential Gardens embarked on a remarkable journey towards sustainable living by embracing solar water heating technology. The goal was to transition towards a cleaner, more cost-effective, and eco-friendly approach to providing hot water to its 200 residential units.

The Solar Solution: Presidential Gardens collaborated with RES, a leading solar installer, to integrate a solar water heating system into the fabric of their community. A total of 180 SunEarth TRB-32 Collectors were strategically installed to harness the power of the sun. These collectors efficiently capture solar energy, which is then utilized to pre-heat water destined for the tenants' water heaters.

Sustainable Living Realized: By adopting this innovative solar water heating system, Presidential Gardens not only embraced sustainable living but also significantly reduced their carbon footprint. The implementation of solar technology has effectively contributed to making affordable housing even more budget-friendly for residents.

Conclusion: Presidential Gardens' endeavor to integrate a solar water heating system into their housing complex stands as a testament to their commitment to sustainability and affordable living. This case study serves as a documentation of their journey, highlighting the positive impact of harnessing solar energy for the benefit of residents and the environment.



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