Project Introduction:
Location: Wilmington, DE
Installer: Solar2Hot
Completed: 2020

Hy-Point Dairy Farms operates a dairy products company located at 425 Beaver Valley Rd, Wilmington, Delaware 19803. They use hot water and electricity for the dairy products processing systems. 

They have just completed the first step in the solar project, the building of three Truckports to support the collectors and solar panels.  Two small Truckports will have 121 KW of solar electric systems installed. 
The large Truckport supports the SunEarth water heating system to heat 6,000 gallons per day for numerous systems including sterilization, processing lines, water treatment, clean-in-place systems, case washers and space heating in winter.
This solar Truckport concept is the first ever in the world and was the idea of Hy-Point's owners' son, Danny Meany. A side benefit, the dairy reefer delivery trucks will save $13,000 per year in electricity cost from the shade provided by the Truckports.
The total cost of this project is $1,006,062. The 106 KW solar hot water component total cost is $576,590 and the 121 KW solar electric total cost is $429,476.  Hy-Point's net cost after incentives (New President Trump's 100% Bonus Depreciation, 30% Investment Tax Credit, USDA Grant, Delaware Green Grant and a Stainable Energy Utility loan) is $0.00.
Project Summary:
Location: 425 Beaver Valley Road Wilmington, DE 19803
Application: Industrial Pre-Heat
Solar Collectors: 54 SunEarth 4' x 8' Thermoray (TRB-32) Solar Thermal collectors
System Racking: SunEarth RexRack
Solar Pump Station: SunEarth SolarStation XXL
Project Funding:
According to the energy savings reports submitted to Hy-Point Farms by Wise Power Systems, Inc., and Solar Unlimited North America, Inc., the combined energy savings from the 2 projects is projected to be approximately $57,883.

Total combined costs for the two projects: $592,770.

Proposed sources of funds:

Borrower cash contribution: $ 8,200

DE Green Grant: $162,000

Delmarva Power Solar Grant: $ 3,000

DESEU Loan: $419,000

Total: $592,770

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