Case Study: Sustainable Solar Solutions at Coral Wood Court Apartments, Reseda, California


In the heart of Reseda, California, an inspiring commitment to sustainability and community well-being came to life. This case study illuminates the impressive installation at the Coral Wood Court Apartments, where renewable energy and affordable housing unite for the benefit of low-income residents. The solar hot water system, fully financed and installed by Skyline Innovations for WNC Community Preservation Partners, heralds a new era of green energy accessibility.

Project Overview

Community leaders and esteemed representatives from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's and Congressman Brad Sherman's offices gathered to unveil this remarkable solar hot water system. Located at the Coral Wood Court Apartments, this system empowers low-income residents in Reseda to harness renewable energy, reduce energy costs, and nurture the growth of local green jobs. This financed system employs price-indexed energy, ensuring energy savings for the host low-income housing community compared to standard utility rates. Over the course of 30 years, this initiative is projected to save more than $175,000, a testament to its long-term sustainability impact.

Kara Seward, a representative from State Senator Fran Pavley's office, bestowed a sustainability award upon the project, recognizing its contribution to a greener and more affordable future for the community.

The heart of this system lies in its 42 flat plate solar thermal collectors, which utilize the power of sunlight to heat water for the complex's residents. By reducing their reliance on gas-heated water, this installation stands as a beacon of the harmonious relationship between solar technology and affordable housing.

Zack Axelrod, CEO of Skyline Innovations, commented, "This installation is a great example of why solar and affordable housing work so well together. All communities can benefit from smart policies and invest in technologies like Skyline's. This project demonstrates what is possible when partners work together, and we are grateful for their hard work to make this project happen."

Anand Kannan, President of Community Preservation Partners, praised the seamless transition to solar energy, stating, "Skyline Innovations made going solar a seamless process. This system continues our commitment to providing a comfortable and healthy community for our residents."

The event witnessed the presence of other distinguished attendees, including Community Preservation Partners Founder Will Cooper Sr., All Valley Solar CEO Ted Bavin, and SunEarth President and CEO Rick Reed.

This project not only exemplifies the potential of the California solar thermal industry but also highlights the comprehensive approach to energy efficiency implemented by the building.

Key Project Details:

Contact Information

For more details about SunEarth and their solar energy solutions, please visit SunEarth.

To learn more about All Valley Solar, the installer behind this innovative project, please visit their website at All Valley Solar.

The Coral Wood Court Apartments project showcases the extraordinary potential of solar technology in the affordable housing sector. It is a testament to the seamless partnership between sustainability and community well-being, offering a glimpse into a greener, more energy-efficient future for low-income residents in Reseda, California.

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