Project Introduction

Project Name: Pioneer Street Apartments

Location: Guadalupe, California

Installed: August 2020

Installer: San Luis Solar

Hot water may be free to tenants, but landlords and facility managers know that every bath, shower, as well as load of dishes done, and laundry washed counts towards their ever-increasing utility bill. Multi-family commercial solar water heating units can offset up to 70% of their annual water heating expenses with efficient solar thermal products designed and engineered by SunEarth.

Pioneer Street Apartments consists of two seperate buildings, containing 17 apartments each, for a total of 34 Mulit-Family Residential Units.

Project Summary:

Location: 856, 864, and 872 Pioneer Sreet, Guadalupe, California

Solar Collectors

System Format: Solar pre-heated water


Contact Information: 

SunEarth:  www.sunearthinc.com

San Luis Solar: http://sanluissolarslo.com/


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