Project Introduction

Location: Lakeside, California

Installed: June 2020

Installer: CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc.

A brilliant way to cut as much as 80 percent off your water-heating bills.

Solar hot water appeals to Residential Homeowners as a relatively low-tech, but logical way to take advantage of the sun's energy. 


Initial Performance Data

As the installation is not yet three months old, no initial performance data is available.


Project Summary:

Location: Lakeside, California

Solar Collectors: Two (2) SunEarth 3'x8' Empire Collectors (EP-24)

System Type: SunEarth Solaray - Indirect System

System Format: Solar Domestic Hot Water

Contact Information: 

SunEarth:  www.sunearthinc.com

CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc.: https://www.go-cleantech.com/



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