Project Introduction

Project Name: Stanford West

Location: Palo Alto, California

Installed: June 2020

Installer: Core Energy Group

Green Living at Stanford West, Faculty Staff Housing

Starting in 2012, Stanford University began an ambitious program to bring solar power to its Silicon Valley campus. Fast forward to present day, and Stanford University Faculty Housing is now seeing the benefits of Solar PV, and Solar Thermal. Stanford’s solar future is growing even brighter.

Stanford West Apartments, a 628-unit residential community in Palo Alto.  Owned by Stanford University, offer one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments to Stanford eligible persons. Living green is easy at Stanford West Apartments, with a variety of amenities that help make each day more earth-friendly, such as:

Community Garden: In the center of Stanford West Apartments is the beautiful community garden. 

Herb Garden: Stanford West Apartments offers a community herb garden for all residents to enjoy. 

Solar Panels: Solar panels are used to heat the North and South pools as well as the amenity areas so as to be more self-sustaining.

LED Lighting: Now using energy-efficient exterior lighting throughout the community to reduce energy consumption.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Currently there are two EV charging stations on-site; refer to the site plan for exact locations.

Conversion to renewable energy

To increase energy efficiency and use innovative, clean and renewable energy on campus, Stanford initiated a plan in 2008-09 that includes high-efficiency standards for new buildings, continued efficiency improvements for existing buildings and SESI, an advanced energy-management system with thermal energy storage invented by the university to heat and cool campus buildings. It has updated more than 155 buildings on campus and transformed the energy supply from one based on fossil fuels to an electrically powered heat recovery system.

And the additions continue. As Stanford West Apartments is owned by Stanford University, it was a natural decision to recently upgrade the pool on the property. During June 2020, the swimming pool received a Solar Hot Water System for solar pre-heated water. The system is comprised of 

Details about the programs and accomplishments that make Stanford more environmentally responsible can be found in the Sustainability Year in Review.

Project Summary:

Location: 700 Clark Way, Palo Alto, CA 94304

Solar Collectors: 60 SunEarth 4'X8' Oasis Collectors (OP-32)

System Format: Solar pre-heated water

Contact Information: 

SunEarth:  www.sunearthinc.com

Core Energy Group: http://coreenergy.io/


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