Project Introduction

Project Name: Kawada Hotel

Location: Los Angeles, California

Installed: 2019

Installed by: All Valley Solar

The Kawada Hotel is centrally located at 200 South Hill Street at the corner of 2nd Street in Downtown LA. Visitors to the vibrant Downtown neighborhood of Los Angeles have been choosing the Kawada Hotel as their affordable refuge for decades. The Kawada Hotel is known for its inviting atmosphere. The interior is everything you would expect from a hotel meeting the needs of today’s travelers.

In 2019, a Hot Water System comprised of 36 SunEarth Thermoray (TRB) Flat Plate Collectors was installed 

What are the benefits of Solar Water Heating in Hotels? 

Project Summary:
Location: 200 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, California

Application: Direct Hot Water
Solar Collectors: 36 SunEarth Thermoray (TRB) Flat Plate Collectors

System Format: Closed Loop Drainback


Contact Information:

SunEarth: www.sunearthinc.com

All Valley Solar: www.allvalleysolar.com




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