Project Introduction

Project Name: Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital for Children

Location: Canton, Massachusetts

Installed: November 2019

Installer: RES

The Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital for Children is a pediatric chronic care hospital for children ages 8-22.  In order to be considered for the program, patients must have a physical disability which requires medical management. In addition, patients must have a cognitive level that allows them to participate in therapies such as OT, PT and/or Speech. PRHC offers coordinated medical care and therapies in a hospital-based environment. All children must attend school, located on the grounds. Educational Services are provided by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. PRHC offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities such as swimming, horseback riding, adaptive sports and many opportunities for socialization. There is no tuition associated with this hospital; however the child must have Mass Health in order to be admitted to the hospital. The local school system is responsible for transporting children back and forth to Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital for Children on weekends, vacations and holidays


The pool is a continuous load, so no storage had to be purchased keeping cost down and savings higher.


Revenue Grade Web - based metering is installed to accurately calculate energy savings. This is very attractive to building owners. The system receives quarterly payments (alternative energy credits) for all therms produced for the life of the system.

Project Summary:

Location: Canton, Massachusetts

Application: Pool
Solar Collectors: 40 SunEarth ThermoRay 4’x 8’ Flat Plate Collectors (TRB-26)

System Format: Solar pre-heated water for pool


Contact Information: 

SunEarth  www.sunearthinc.com

RES Solar www.ressolar.com



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