Case Study: Sustainable Pool Heating at Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital for Children


The Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital for Children in Canton, Massachusetts, is a unique pediatric chronic care hospital dedicated to enhancing the lives of children with physical disabilities. In November 2019, RES Solar played a pivotal role in contributing to the hospital's mission by installing 40 SunEarth ThermoRay 4'x 8' Flat Plate Collectors (TRB-26) to provide efficient solar pre-heated water for the hospital's pool. This case study explores how this project not only enhances the hospital's services but also reduces costs through sustainable energy solutions.

Project Overview:

Empowering Pediatric Patients:

The Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital for Children serves as a beacon of hope for children aged 8-22 who require medical management due to physical disabilities. Patients must also possess the cognitive capacity to participate in therapies such as Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT), and Speech Therapy. The hospital offers comprehensive medical care and therapy within a hospital-based environment. Additionally, it provides educational services on-site, allowing children to attend school while receiving treatment. The hospital offers various recreational activities, including swimming, horseback riding, adaptive sports, and socialization opportunities.

The hospital's services are made accessible to children without tuition fees, but admission requires Mass Health coverage. Local school systems are responsible for transporting children to and from the hospital during weekends, vacations, and holidays.

Sustainable Pool Heating:

The installation of solar thermal technology has significantly contributed to the hospital's operations. Solar collectors, consisting of 40 SunEarth ThermoRay 4'x 8' Flat Plate Collectors (TRB-26), are utilized to efficiently pre-heat the hospital's pool. This sustainable heating solution ensures that the hospital can provide recreational and therapeutic swimming experiences for its young patients. Unlike some systems, no storage was required due to the pool's continuous load, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency.

Attractive Energy Savings:

The hospital has adopted revenue-grade web-based metering to accurately measure energy savings. This approach not only helps in efficient energy management but also allows the hospital to receive quarterly payments, including alternative energy credits, for all thermal energy produced over the system's lifespan. This strategy is not only economically appealing but also contributes to building owners' incentives for adopting sustainable energy solutions.

Project Summary:

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The Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital for Children in Canton, Massachusetts, exemplifies the positive impact of sustainable energy solutions on healthcare and community services. By implementing solar thermal technology, the hospital ensures efficient pool heating, reducing costs and providing life-enhancing opportunities for children with physical disabilities.



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