Project Introduction

Project Name: Tamarack Wellness Center

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Installed: 2003

Project Developer: Solar Assist


Heated by the Sun 

The Tamarack Wellness Center warms its water with the second largest Solar Thermal Heating System in the Pacific Northwest.


56 SunEarth Empire Flat Plate collectors were installed in a drain-back configuration with a Morley 600-gallon drain back tank, complete with internal DHW heat exchangers and an external flat plate heat exchanger.


The original annual savings that were estimated were 6,700 Therms, with an annual-cost savings of $5,500.


Additionally, the pool is part of a renewable energy conscious facility through the use of saltwater and ultraviolet sanitation.


 House with solar panels on roof         Warehouse with pumps for solar panels

Project Summary:

LocationTamarack Wellness Center - Tamarack Aquatic Center
3575 Donald Street, Suite 300 Eugene, Oregon 97405

Application: Pool
Solar Collectors: 56 SunEarth Empire Flat Plate Collectors

System Format: Solar pre-heated water for pool & Locker Room's
Pump: 10 HP
Annual energy Savings: 6,700 Therms
Rated Power Output: 40.81ft2*56 =2,285.36ft2/10.76 * 0.7 = 148.67kwh


Contact Information: 

SunEarth  www.sunearthinc.com

Solar Assist http://solarassist.net/


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