Case Study: Sustainable Heating with Solar Thermal Power at Tamarack Wellness Center


Nestled in the heart of Eugene, Oregon, the Tamarack Wellness Center has been harnessing the power of the sun for nearly two decades. With a vision for sustainable heating and a commitment to environmental consciousness, the center boasts the second-largest Solar Thermal Heating System in the Pacific Northwest. Solar Assist, the project developer, played a pivotal role in bringing this ambitious renewable energy project to life.

This case study explores the exceptional impact of the 56 SunEarth Empire Flat Plate collectors, installed in a drain-back configuration. These collectors work in harmony with a 600-gallon drain-back tank from Morley, featuring internal Domestic Hot Water (DHW) heat exchangers and an external flat plate heat exchanger. The results are not only significant annual energy savings but also an eco-friendly approach to pool sanitation through the use of saltwater and ultraviolet technology.

Project Overview:

Harnessing the Sun's Energy:

The Tamarack Wellness Center has adopted an environmentally conscious approach by embracing solar thermal power as a source of sustainable heating. In an impressive feat, this facility hosts the second-largest Solar Thermal Heating System in the Pacific Northwest.

Solar Thermal System Details:

The system is composed of 56 SunEarth Empire Flat Plate collectors, strategically arranged in a drain-back configuration. To ensure the system's efficiency and effectiveness, a 600-gallon drain-back tank was integrated into the setup. This tank is not only capable of storing solar-heated water but also features internal DHW heat exchangers and an external flat plate heat exchanger. Such meticulous design ensures that solar energy is harnessed to its full potential.

Anticipated Savings and Environmental Impact:

At the project's inception, it was estimated that the Tamarack Wellness Center's Solar Thermal Heating System would yield substantial benefits. Initial projections anticipated annual savings of approximately 6,700 therms, translating to a cost savings of $5,500 per year. This impressive return on investment highlights the financial viability of sustainable energy solutions.

Renewable Energy and Eco-Consciousness:

Beyond the extraordinary savings, the Tamarack Wellness Center is a model of renewable energy consciousness. It has adopted an innovative approach to pool sanitation, employing saltwater and ultraviolet technology. This pioneering initiative aligns seamlessly with the center's commitment to environmental stewardship.

Project Summary:

Contact Information:

The Tamarack Wellness Center is not merely a place of health and rejuvenation; it is a testament to the boundless possibilities of sustainable heating solutions. This case study illuminates the center's journey towards harnessing the sun's energy to warm its facilities and underscores the financial and environmental benefits of such an endeavor. Tamarack Wellness Center's commitment to sustainability serves as an inspiration for similar ventures and highlights the potential of renewable energy systems in commercial settings.


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Project Summary:

LocationTamarack Wellness Center - Tamarack Aquatic Center
3575 Donald Street, Suite 300 Eugene, Oregon 97405

Application: Pool
Solar Collectors: 56 SunEarth Empire Flat Plate Collectors

System Format: Solar pre-heated water for pool & Locker Room's
Pump: 10 HP
Annual energy Savings: 6,700 Therms
Rated Power Output: 40.81ft2*56 =2,285.36ft2/10.76 * 0.7 = 148.67kwh


Contact Information: 

SunEarth  www.sunearthinc.com

Solar Assist http://solarassist.net/


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