Case Study: Solar Thermal Water Heating at Anderson Air Force Base


In the vibrant landscape of Guam, Anderson Air Force Base stands as a testament to the United States' commitment to safeguarding its interests and enhancing energy security. Located in the heart of the United States territory of Guam, this vital Air Force base plays a pivotal role in defense strategy.

The need for energy conservation and sustainability has never been more apparent, and as Anderson Air Force Base transitioned under the command of Joint Region Marianas, it recognized the opportunity to be a more responsible energy steward. Patrick Russell succinctly noted that "The Department of Defense is one of the largest energy users in the world," emphasizing the importance of energy conservation in the face of rising costs.

As energy expenses continued to soar, Anderson AFB took decisive steps to sustain energy on base, committing significant resources. This demonstrated a proactive approach to address the escalating costs and underscored their commitment to efficient energy management. It was evident that energy conservation was not just a necessity but also a significant opportunity to display their dedication to improving stewardship of taxpayer funds.

The Federal Mandate for Energy Efficiency:

In line with federal mandates and policies such as the Energy Policy Act of 2005, Executive Orders 13423 and 13514, and the Energy Independence Act of 2007, all federal agencies were bound to reduce resource consumption, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and augment renewable energy use in federal facilities. These regulations put forth stringent requirements, stipulating a three percent annual reduction in energy intensity through 2015, with a goal of achieving a 30 percent reduction from the 2003 baseline. The mandate also necessitated the establishment of benchmarks for renewable energy use, with a target of 7.5 percent of energy consumption to originate from renewable sources by 2013.

Pacific Solar & Photovoltaics: Advancing Renewable Energy at Anderson AFB:

In their unwavering pursuit of energy efficiency and sustainability, Anderson Air Force Base sought to increase renewable energy utilization while minimizing resource consumption. This marked the inception of their collaboration with Pacific Solar & Photovoltaics.

As a part of their shared goal to bolster renewable energy sources, Pacific Solar & Photovoltaics undertook a significant project at Anderson AFB. In May 2019, they successfully installed an array of Flat Plate Collectors. These collectors, manufactured by SunEarth of Fontana, CA, played a pivotal role in harnessing solar thermal energy to provide pre-heated water for domestic use on the base.

Project Overview:

  • Project Name: Anderson Air Force Base
  • Location: Guam
  • Installation Date: May 2019
  • Installer: Pacific Solar & Photovoltaics

Solar Thermal Water Heating: A Sustainable Solution:

The deployment of the Flat Plate Collectors at Anderson AFB demonstrates the Air Force's dedication to sustainable energy practices. By tapping into the abundant solar resources in Guam, the base significantly reduced its reliance on conventional energy sources, leading to considerable cost savings and enhanced energy security.

In Conclusion:

Anderson Air Force Base's collaboration with Pacific Solar & Photovoltaics serves as an exemplary model for federal agencies looking to embrace renewable energy solutions. This case study showcases how a proactive approach to energy conservation, coupled with the adoption of solar thermal technology, can make a tangible difference in reducing costs and supporting the nation's broader goals of sustainability and energy security. Anderson Air Force Base, poised at the forefront of environmental stewardship, stands as a beacon for others to follow in the journey towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Project Summary:
Location: Anderson Airforce Base
Application: Solar Pre-Heat
Solar Collectors: 9 SunEarth Empire Paint (EP) Flat Plate Collectors
System Format: Solar Pre-Heated Water for Domestic Use

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