Case Study: High-Efficiency Hydronic Heating System in Denver, Colorado


In the picturesque landscapes of Denver, Colorado, innovation and sustainable living come together as Resolution Energy, a renowned leader in high-efficiency heating systems, embarked on a journey to redefine home comfort. Their dedication to excellence in design and installation has resulted in the deployment of groundbreaking heating solutions across the Colorado Front Range and the adjacent mountain communities.

Hydronic Heating in Colorado:

The heart of this groundbreaking project beats with four SunEarth 4' x 8' drainback collectors, working in harmony with a 119-gallon storage system. These cutting-edge solar collectors are designed to harness the sun's energy to its fullest, optimizing the overall efficiency of the heating system. What sets this innovative project apart is its radiant heating system, which represents the epitome of comfort. Unlike traditional heating systems, radiant heat relies on omni-directional infrared energy heating surfaces. The result is a warmth that emanates from every surface, providing superior comfort to the residents.

To ensure consistent warmth, a propane-fired Polaris system has been seamlessly integrated as a backup heat source. This dual-system approach guarantees uninterrupted comfort, even during inclement weather.

Central to the control and management of this dynamic heating system is the Steca TR501 Controller, a sophisticated tool that orchestrates the solar thermal system's performance seamlessly.

Project Overview:

  • Location: Denver, Colorado
  • Installation Date: Summer 2018
  • Installer: Resolution Energy

Project Specifications:

  • Application: Domestic Hot Water
  • Solar Collectors: 4 SunEarth (4' x 8') EP-32 Collectors
  • Controller: Steca TR501
  • Storage Capacity: 119 Gallons
  • Rated Power Output: 4 x 32.8ft2 = 131.2/10.76 * 0.7 = 8.54kW

In Conclusion:

The hydronic heating project in Denver, Colorado, is a testament to Resolution Energy's commitment to sustainable living and superior home comfort. By harnessing the power of the sun through SunEarth's innovative solar thermal collectors and combining it with a propane-fired backup system, they have created a solution that guarantees uninterrupted warmth even in the harshest of conditions. This case study underscores the importance of high-efficiency, sustainable heating systems in redefining residential comfort, particularly in regions like Colorado.


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