Project Introduction
Location: Denver, Colorado
Installed: Summer 2018
Installed by: Resolution Energy

Resolution Energy designs and installs high-efficiency heating systems that provide superior comfort compared to traditional home mechanical systems. The innovative solutions they have installed can be found all along the Colorado Front Range and into the surrounding mountain communities. 

Hydronic Heating in Colorado
The systems are comprised of four SunEarth 4' x 8' drainback collectors with a storage capacity of 119 gallons. The heat, in turn, is being transferred to the radiant system, with a back-up heat source being from propane-fired Polaris

Radiant heat is the most comfortable type of heat with surfaces being heated with omni-directional infrared energy heating surfaces. This streamlined system allows for the optimization of solar thermal systems with an automatic interface.

Controlling it all is a Steca TR501 Controller.

Project Summary:
Location: Denver, Colorado
Application: Domestic Hot Water
Solar Collectors: 4 SunEarth (4' x 8') EP-32 Collectors
Controller: Steca TR501
Storage: 119 Gallons
Rated Power Output: 4 x 32.8ft= 131.2/10.76*0.7 = 8.54kw

Contact Information:
Resolution Energy http://www.resenergyco.com/

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