Case Study: Miramonte High School Solar Project - A Beacon of Sustainability in Education


Nestled in the heart of Orinda, California, Miramonte High School stands as a model of academic excellence, dedicated to preparing its students for college and beyond. As part of the Acalanes Union High School District, the school offers a comprehensive college preparatory program with over 15 Advanced Placement courses. The commitment to education and the environment converged in 2016 when the school partnered with Maktinta Energy to embark on the Miramonte High School Solar Project.

Year-Round Pool Heating through Solar Energy:

The Miramonte High School Solar Project demonstrates the dual benefits of harnessing solar energy for environmental and financial gains. The project centers around an impressive solar array consisting of 203 collectors, meticulously designed to provide year-round heat for the school's pool. A cutting-edge Solar Brain controller oversees the solar pump through a variable frequency drive, optimizing the flow through the solar array to maximize heat production. Notably, the system incorporates self-monitoring capabilities, instantly notifying the installer and maintenance team of any deviations from the normal operating range.

Significant Impact and Substantial Savings:

The Miramonte High School Solar Project makes a substantial contribution to sustainable living. The system generates a remarkable 24,000 Therms annually, translating to significant savings estimated at $36,000 each year. In addition to the financial benefits, the project has a profound environmental impact, eliminating an impressive 4,800 metric tons of carbon emissions.

Project Overview:

  • Location: 1200 Pleasant Hill Road, Lafayette, CA 94549
  • Installation Year: 2016
  • Project Developer: Maktinta Energy
  • CSI Thermal Rebate: $120,000

System Specifications:

  • Application: Pool and Locker Room's
  • Solar Collectors: 168 SunEarth Oasis PP 48 Collectors
  • System Format: Solar Pre-Heated Water
  • Pool Size: 400,000 gallons
  • Controller: Maktinta Solar Brain
  • Metering Equipment: Maktinta Solar Brain
  • Pump: 10 HP
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD): Pentair
  • Annual Energy Savings: 17,200 Therms
  • CSI Rebate: $120,000
  • Rated Power Output: 47.25 ft² * 160 = 7,560 ft² / 10.76 * 0.7 = 491.82 kWh

A Beacon of Sustainability in Education:

The Miramonte High School Solar Project epitomizes the harmonious coexistence of education and environmental responsibility. By harnessing the power of the sun to provide year-round pool heating, the school underscores the practical applications of renewable energy. The substantial financial savings and noteworthy reduction in carbon emissions make this project a beacon of sustainability and a valuable educational tool.

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