Case Study: Las Lomas High School Solar Project - Empowering Education and Sustainability


Las Lomas High School, situated in Walnut Creek, California, has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1952. As part of the Acalanes Union High School District, Las Lomas has been at the forefront of educational excellence for decades. In 2016, this venerable institution took a significant leap towards a sustainable future by collaborating with Maktinta Energy on the Las Lomas High School Solar Project.

Reducing Carbon Emissions and Fostering STEM Concepts:

The Las Lomas High School Solar Project not only emphasizes the environmental significance of clean energy but also accelerates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts among its students. The heart of the project lies in its solar array, comprising 188 collectors meticulously designed to provide uninterrupted heat to the school's pool throughout the year. An advanced Solar Brain controller operates the solar pump through a variable frequency drive, optimizing the flow through the solar array for maximum heat production. Notably, the system integrates self-monitoring features, instantly notifying the installer and maintenance team of any deviations from the normal operating range.

By having a solar system on campus, Las Lomas High School opens up additional educational opportunities. It reinforces green education, environmental responsibility, and the principles of clean energy, exposing students to diverse STEM-related curriculum and concepts.

Significant Impact and Substantial Savings:

The Las Lomas High School Solar Project is not just an investment in education but also a substantial contribution to sustainability. The system generates a remarkable 24,000 Therms annually, resulting in substantial savings estimated at $36,000 each year. Furthermore, the project significantly contributes to reducing the school's carbon footprint by eliminating 4,800 metric tons of carbon emissions.

Project Overview:

  • Location: 1460 S Main St, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
  • Installation Year: 2016
  • Project Developer: Maktinta Energy
  • CSI Thermal Rebate: $133,000

System Specifications:

  • Application: Pool and Locker Rooms
  • Solar Collectors: 188 SunEarth Oasis PP 48 Collectors
  • System Format: Solar Pre-Heated Water
  • Pool Size: 310,000 gallons
  • Controller: Maktinta Solar Brain
  • Metering Equipment: Maktinta Solar Brain
  • Pump: 10 HP
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD): Pentair
  • Annual Energy Savings: 19,027 Therms
  • CSI Rebate: $133,000
  • Rated Power Output: 47.25 ft² * 160 = 7,560 ft² / 10.76 * 0.7 = 491.82 kWh

Empowering Education and Sustainability:

The Las Lomas High School Solar Project serves as a shining example of how education and sustainability can seamlessly coexist. By harnessing solar energy to provide year-round pool heating, the school showcases practical applications of renewable energy and reinforces the importance of environmental stewardship. The substantial financial savings and significant reduction in carbon emissions make this project an educational and environmental success.

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