Case Study: Waikiki Shores - Solar Energy Transformation


Waikiki Shores, located in the picturesque backdrop of Honolulu, Hawaii, is an iconic condominium built in 1960, boasting 15 floors and 168 units, ranging from cozy studios to spacious 3-bedroom floor plans. This beachfront oasis offers residents not only stunning beachfront views but also the promise of sustainability and reduced operating costs through a solar transformation.

Aesthetically Pleasing, Quality System:

Waikiki Shores' solar project was developed by Green Energy Solutions, with a project cost of $505,000, partly funded through the Bank of Hawaii Equipment Lease Program with Solar Tax Credits. The challenge was to install 60 collectors on the roof of the Waikiki Shores condo, and an ingenious custom galvanized steel structure was erected to serve as a secondary roof. This innovative solution was necessary because the unique roofline of the condo couldn't be penetrated. Remarkably, the rooftop installation was executed without hindering the residents of the Penthouse condos, which sit directly below.

Waikiki Shores is celebrated for its architectural design, featuring a long and narrow layout that sits perpendicular to the ocean. Residents revel in refreshing cross breezes and lanais offering panoramic views of Fort DeRussy, the beach, Diamond Head, the ocean, mountains, and breathtaking sunsets. The introduction of a Solar Hot Water System at Waikiki Shores achieved an architectural and eco-friendly synergy.

Significant Energy and Cost Savings:

The impact of the Solar Hot Water System at Waikiki Shores was profound. Prior to the installation, the condominium had been grappling with gas bills averaging between $5,800 and $7,000 monthly. Within the first three months of the system's operation, the gas bills plummeted dramatically. The first month witnessed a $3,083 reduction, followed by $2,500 in the second month, and $2,200 in the third month. The savings on energy costs were not only substantial but also a testament to the long-term sustainability goals of the condominium.

Project Overview:

  • Location: 2161 Kalia Rd, Honolulu, HI 96815
  • Installation Year: 2010
  • Project Developer: Green Energy Solutions
  • Project Cost: $505,000 (Partly funded through Bank of Hawaii Equipment Lease Program and Solar Tax Credits)

System Specifications:

  • Application: Solar Water Heating for Multi-Family Housing
  • Solar Collectors: 60 SunEarth 4x10 Collectors
  • System Format: Solar Pre-Heated Water for Tenant’s Water Heaters
  • Rated Power Output: 2,452 ft² / 10.76 * 0.7 = 159.65 kWh
  • Yearly Energy Output (kWh): 159.65 * 5.91 * 0.44 * 365 = 151,531.159 kWh

Embracing Solar Transformation:

The Waikiki Shores Solar Project symbolizes a harmonious blend of architectural preservation and sustainable innovation. This initiative has showcased the capacity for multi-family housing to embrace clean energy, significantly reduce operating costs, and contribute to a greener future. The stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and Waikiki Beach are now complemented by a commitment to environmental responsibility and energy efficiency.

Additional Information:

For an in-depth look at this transformative project, you can watch this video: Solar Soo Stover on Installing Rooftop Solar in Waikiki.

Contact Information:

  • SunEarth: www.sunearthinc.com
  • Green Energy Solutions: Additional contact information may be available through their official channels.

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