Case Study: Alaska Village Housing Project - Illuminating Arctic Living with Solar


In the land of extremes, the Alaska Village Housing Project stands as a testament to the ingenuity and resilience of Arctic Solar Ventures. Located in Anchorage, Alaska, where daylight varies dramatically from the six and a half hours of winter solstice to the continuous 21-hour sunlit days of summer solstice, this innovative solar installation is rewriting the narrative of solar energy in cold climates.

Arctic Solar Ventures is on a mission to make reliable and affordable clean energy accessible to all Alaskans, challenging the misconception that solar is unsuitable for the harsh Arctic winter. The company is driven by a commitment to cleaner energy, perfectly aligned with the rugged and self-reliant spirit of Alaska.

Arctic Solar Ventures:

Arctic Solar Ventures has embarked on a mission to prove that solar energy can thrive in extreme conditions. They embrace the seasonality of Alaska's daylight and design solar systems that not only survive the harsh winters but thrive in them. The Alaska Village Housing Project, featuring 30 SunEarth EC-40 Collectors mounted at a 45-degree portrait angle, is a striking example of solar's versatility and cost-competitiveness, regardless of whether it's installed on a homeowner's roof, a business establishment, or even for an electric utility.

Solar energy isn't a mere alternative; it's an integrated solution that complements the existing energy landscape, say the minds behind Arctic Solar Ventures. In Alaska, where energy production accounts for over 80% of state government revenue and provides thousands of jobs, transitioning to renewable energy can enhance economic diversity. The project serves as a living testament that renewable energy can be a pivotal part of Alaska's energy production, contributing to a sustainable, vibrant economy.

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Shining a Light on Arctic Living:

The Alaska Village Housing Project is not just about harnessing solar energy; it's a testament to the potential of sustainability in even the harshest of climates. Arctic Solar Ventures challenges the stereotypes around solar energy and champions a vision where renewable and traditional energy coexist harmoniously. Anchorage's solar journey is about embracing the "and" technology, where all forms of energy production, including solar, can lead to a resilient and diverse economy in the Arctic.


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