Project Introduction

Project Name: Alaska Village Housing Project

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Installed: 2018

Installer: Arctic Solar Ventures


On winter solstice, Anchorage receives about six and a half hours of daylight, while six months later on summer solstice, the sun shines for 21 straight hours.

“The seasonality is something we have to educate people on, because people don’t know how solar could work in winter or they assume it doesn’t work through winter months. But, when we can design for it, solar here can work beautifully,” Trimble says. For Arctic Solar Ventures, making reliable, clean energy affordable for all Alaskans is a driving force behind their business.


Generating clean energy from your own roof? There’s something very Alaskan about that.


Featuring 30 SunEarth EC-40 Collectors, portrait at 45 degrees, the Alaska Village Housing Project reminds us that Solar is a cost-competitive form of energy production for any end-user  — whether a homeowner, business owner or electric utility.


Solar energy isn’t an “or” technology; it is an “and” technology, say Trimble and Savina, who firmly believe that all forms of energy production and economic activity can co-exist in Alaska. “Energy production is the main driver for the state’s economy, providing more than 80 percent of state-government revenue and thousands of jobs for the state. We believe that a portion of Alaska’s energy production can be from renewable energy, and we can develop a very robust and diverse economy around that,” Trimble says.


Project Summary:

Location: 7800 Creekside Anchorage, AK spread over 3 buildings (A, B, and C): 7800, 7802, and 7805.

Application: Domestic Hot Water

Solar Collectors: 30 SunEarth EC-40 Collectors, portrait at 45 degrees

System Format: Solar pre-heated water for tenant’s water heaters 

Storage Capacity: 500 Gallons

Rated Power Output Per Thermal System: 40.9ft2 / 10.76 * 0.7 = 13.30kW

Yearly Energy Output (kWh): 2.66 4.28*5.91*.44*365 = 4062.34 kwh


Contact Information: 

SunEarth www.sunearthinc.com 

Arctic Solar Ventures www.arcticsolarventures.com


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