Case Study: Linden Flats - Powering Affordability with Solar in Seattle


In the heart of North Seattle, the Linden Flats stands tall as a beacon of innovation, combining affordable housing with sustainable living. This six-story affordable housing complex, built in 2018, encompasses 170 apartments and spacious community areas. At its core is a robust Solar Thermal System, boasting 70 EP-40 Flat Plate Collectors manufactured by SunEarth, hailing from Fontana, California. These collectors, part of the Empire Series, are renowned for setting industry standards in quality, performance, durability, and value. They are here to serve a dual purpose: to contribute to a sustainable future and to offset utility costs at Linden Flats.

Affordable Living at Its Best:

Linden Flats is proudly labeled as "100 percent affordable," with rents set at or below 60 percent of the area's median income. To make this remarkable achievement possible, the project team utilized the city's multifamily tax exemption (MFTE) program and secured low-income bonds from the Washington State Housing Finance Commission.

The complex's units come in a variety of sizes, including a generous 18 percent featuring three bedrooms. However, what truly sets this affordable housing project apart is its design. GMD Development, specializing in affordable housing, has masterfully crafted Linden Flats to mirror the aesthetics and feel of market-rate housing, challenging the notion that affordable living should compromise on quality.

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Empowering Affordable Living:

Linden Flats is a testament to the idea that affordable living can coexist seamlessly with sustainability. With 70 high-quality solar collectors and an innovative Solar Thermal System, the complex not only makes clean energy accessible to its residents but also significantly reduces utility costs. The partnership between SunEarth and GMD Development brings affordable housing that doesn't compromise on comfort and aesthetics, challenging the stereotypes associated with affordability.

At the core of Linden Flats is a commitment to affordable living that doesn't cut corners, enabling its residents to enjoy quality housing while promoting environmental responsibility. The project stands as a beacon of affordability and sustainability, casting a bright light on a future where both goals can be achieved without compromise.

 Linden Flats Project   Linden Flats Project

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