A total of 320, model EC-40-1.5 SunEarth flat plate collectors were installed at Veterans’ Administration Hospitals in San Antonio and Kerrville, Texas during 2002. Working as a subcontractor to Johnson Controls, Inc. an Energy Service Performance Contractor (ESPC) at these two hospitals, Industrial Solar Technology provided design and start up services, as well as collector mounting hardware and thermal energy storage tanks ranging in volume from 1200 to over 5,000 gallons. All the systems are instrumented and in total have delivered significant reductions in the amount of conventional energy used at the hospitals.

At the Audey Murphy VA hospital in San Antonio, four different solar systems are installed. The largest system comprises 75 flat plate panels in a closed loop glycol system that preheats domestic hot water for the main hospital building. Two drainback systems were installed, one of which is used to preheat feedwater for the hospital’s main boiler facility.

The VA hospital in Kerrville now sports a closed loop glycol system consisting of 128 solar collectors arranged in 8 parallel rows. Heat from the solar system is used to deliver hot water to a laundry that serves both hospitals, as well as other federal sites in the San Antonio area. The solar system has had a major impact on the conventional energy requirement at the laundry in spite of an increase in operating hours to cope with increased demands for laundry services.

Photos Above: Kenneth May of Industrial Solar Technology stands atop the Audey Murphy boiler room. Below, another view of the hospital’s boiler facility. Courtesy of Industrial Solar Technology

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