Case Study: Solar Cooling Revolution - SSFM International Architects, Honolulu, Hawaii

Project Introduction:

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Solar System Installer: Mercury Solar

Completion Date: 

Amid the sun-kissed landscapes of Honolulu, Hawaii, SSFM International Architects embarked on a pioneering journey towards sustainability, embracing the concept of solar cooling. Their vision found realization through the expertise of Mercury Solar, a local leader in solar installations. The project, completed in [Enter Date], showcases a groundbreaking fusion of 92 SunEarth Empire EC-40 collectors across two arrays, complemented by a 30-ton Yazaki solar cooler, designed to supply refreshingly cool 50ºF water to the fan coil units. The entire system is propelled by the synergy of four Grundfos TP series pumps that efficiently navigate the complex web of solar and cooling unit piping.

Solar Cooling: An Innovative Marvel:

In the heart of Honolulu, where the tropical sun dominates, SSFM International Architects, in collaboration with Mercury Solar, unveiled a solar cooling system that redefines sustainability in architectural design. The installation includes two arrays, each adorned with 92 SunEarth Empire EC-40 collectors. This ensemble is the solar powerhouse, harnessing the abundant solar energy to create a cooling haven.

The cooling system at SSFM is a 30-ton Yazaki solar cooler. It's engineered to deliver 50ºF water to the fan coil units, offering a refreshing escape from the tropical heat. This innovation not only enhances comfort but also reduces the carbon footprint of the building.

Efficient Pumping for Solar Cooling:

The intricate web of piping connecting the solar and cooling units relies on the proficiency of Grundfos TP series pumps. These pumps provide the hydraulic force required to circulate water through the system, ensuring the seamless operation of this solar cooling marvel.

Impressive Savings for SSFM:

Thanks to the innovative solar cooling system, SSFM International Architects now enjoy considerable energy savings. Mercury Solar, the installer, estimates that this cutting-edge cooling solution conserves a remarkable 320 kWh per day. This not only significantly reduces the carbon emissions associated with conventional cooling but also translates into substantial cost savings for SSFM.

Project Summary:

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Pioneering Solar Cooling in Paradise:

Situated in the Hawaiian paradise of Honolulu, SSFM International Architects teamed up with Mercury Solar to introduce an innovative approach to cooling. The project, completed in [Enter Date], features a stunning array of 92 SunEarth Empire EC-40 collectors in two separate arrays, accompanied by a cutting-edge 30-ton Yazaki solar cooler designed to deliver 50ºF water to the fan coil units. The efficient circulation of water is orchestrated by four Grundfos TP series pumps. This pioneering system translates into impressive daily savings of 320 kWh, offering sustainable comfort and financial benefits to SSFM International Architects. In the radiant ambiance of Honolulu, solar cooling represents a sustainable and cost-effective future.

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