Industrial Solar Technology ProjectIndustrial Solar Technology recently completed the installation and startup of a solar hot water system comprising 142 SunEarth model EC-40-1.5 collectors at the North Boulder Recreation Center in Boulder, Colorado. The solar system was constructed to heat leisure and lap swimming pools while providing domestic hot water for showers and washing.

The solar collectors cover all the available space on the roofs of the gym and the lap pool for a gross aperture area of 5,795 square feet.

Energy Savings:
The solar system replaces the combustion of natural gas. At the current cost of natural gas, the City of Boulder will save from $15,000 – $20,000 per year. The solar system will deliver an estimated 50% of the annual heating load of the swimming pools. The solar system is instrumented with a Btu meter, and measured wintertime performance has been excellent.

Photo Above: Courtesy of Industrial Solar Technology

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