All Valley Solar ProjectAll Valley Solar recently completed the installation and commissioning of a solar hot water system utilizing 44 SunEarth model TRB-40 collectors at 1111 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles California. The solar system was chosen to assist in providing hot water for 97 apartment units of this completely renovated 11 story building.

All Valley Solar selected drainback system technology which is an excellent match for protecting solar heat transfer fluids from the high summer temperatures experienced in the Los Angeles area. The drainback tank was installed on the 10th floor to minimize circulating pump energy requirements.
Energy Savings:

The solar system reduces the buildings consumption of natural gas by the buildings hot water boiler. Installed with approval of the California Solar Initiative (CSI) Thermal Program the system has been estimated to save around 6,300 therms a year. Equipped with energy monitoring devices this system will be able to provide real-time and cumulative feedback to the building owner validating the investment in Solar Water Heating.

System Details: Courtesy of All Valley Solar

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