140 Systems Installed on Ford Island Navy Residential Project

The Ford Island Navy Military Construction Project is located in the East Loch of Pearl Harbor and involved the design and construction of 140 housing units on Ford Island and 30 additional housing units at Radford Terrance. The $35 million contract was awarded to Lend Lease Actus, LLC, with headquarters in Napa, California.

Each of the new homes is equipped with either a one or two-panel SunEarth solar water heating system. The SunEarth collectors and balance of system components were supplied by Inter-Island Solar Supply, SunEarth’s exclusive representative in the Hawaiian Islands and Pacific Basin.

The Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO), which provided incentives for the installations, estimates the benefits of the project to be: annual energy savings of 416 MWh, peak coincident load reduction of 114 kW, and CO2 reductions of 400 tons annually


Photos Above: A SunEarth mill finish SP-40 installed in line with the roof hip. Installation of solar panels during construction.

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