Brewery & Winery Solar Water Heating

The USA is one of the largest producers of wine in the world. Traditionally, the industry has been centered around California, but other states, such as New York, have seen massive growth in their wine production in recent years. Likewise, the brewing industry is going through a large period of growth.

The Brewers Association reported that around 8,000 breweries were operating in the USA in 2019. A large number of them were craft breweries that have sprung up in local communities to cater for the growing demand for unique brews.

With demand and competition high, breweries and wineries need to find a cost-effective method of production. However, production is usually energy-intensive, with the brewhouse alone using as much as 45% of a brewery's total energy consumption. Wineries are also well-known for being one of the largest energy users in the food and drink industry. As electricity and natural gas prices fluctuate, breweries and wineries can sometimes see production costs skyrocket overnight, so many producers have been turning to renewable energy sources such as solar energy.

Here at SunEarth, we understand that businesses are looking for ways to reduce their production costs sustainably. That is why, for the past 40 years, we have been manufacturing innovative and eco-friendly solar water heating systems for wineries and breweries across the United States. Based in California, we have partnered with wineries and breweries of all sizes to help them reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

Brewery Solar Hot Water Heater
solar water heating for wineries

Common Applications 

Breweries and wineries use a lot of hot water in their production processes, leading to expensive energy bills. SunEarth's solar water heating systems harness the sun's power to ensure an unlimited supply of hot water around the clock.

In the brewing industry, a brewery solar water heater system can work alongside existing equipment to quickly heat water up to temperatures ranging from 190 F to 400 F. 

SunEarth's solar water heating system for breweries and wineries can be utilized in numerous applications:

  • heating process in brewing and distillation process
  • pre-heating steam
  • sanitation
  • cleaning processing equipment
  • bottle washing
  • restrooms

Why Choose Solar Water Heating for Breweries and Wineries? 

Businesses all over the globe are moving towards more sustainable and eco-friendly ways of production. Across the beer, cider, and wine industry, operators are moving towards a carbon-neutral business model, which a solar water heating system makes it easier for them to achieve. Green production is just one of the many benefits for breweries and wineries.

  • Lower Production Costs - Breweries and wineries consume a lot of energy and hot water in their production processes. Solar water heating systems can be easily integrated with existing production equipment and fully automated to ensure a much more cost-effective production.
  • Add Value To Your Brand - Businesses that are proactive in moving to renewable energy and sustainable production are viewed more favorably by consumers. As more people become aware of climate change, businesses can highlight what they are doing to support the environment. Solar energy helps enterprises significantly lower their carbon emissions, which is attractive to both customers and investors.
  • Energy Rebates - Many states offer attractive rebates to commercial businesses that switch to solar energy. These rebates can offset some of the initial equipment and installation costs. When you combine that with the energy savings the system will bring, you can gain a return on your investment within a short time frame.

If you'd like to find out more about how your brewery or winery can benefit from solar energy, call us at 1-800-978-6327.


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