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SunEarth is the premier solar thermal manufacturer serving Arizona.  The team at SunEarth has been providing clean and cost-saving solar energy systems since 1978.  With our technical knowledge and industry-leading team, we are the number one choice for Arizona solar hot water heating systems.


Services and Products Available In Arizona

Arizona is one of the warmest states in the USA, so it is an ideal place to install solar water heating systems. With an average of 11 hours of sunlight throughout the year, solar systems can be utilized for water heating, as well as swimming pool heating, radiant/space heating heating sysytems and electric heating systems for buildings in more temperate areas of the state.

We have provided solutions for homes and businesses of all shapes and sizes all over Arizona. When you choose SunEarth, you can rest assured that you will get:

  • the highest quality products
  • latest industry knowledge
  • certified equipment
  • professional installation and service through our network of dealers and distributors
arizona solar thermal manufacturer
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Benefits For Arizona Residents

There are many benefits for Arizona residents that opt for one of SunEarth’s industry-leading products. Not only is the solar water heating system good for the environment, but it also helps homeowners and business owners to:

  • save money on energy bills
  • add value to building values

There are also many cash rebates and tax incentives available for both residential, corporate, industrial, and commercial properties, such as the Arizona - Non-Residential Solar & Wind Tax, APS Renewable Energy Incentive Program, and the UES Renewable Energy Credit Purchase Program to name but a few.

When you decide to partner with SunEarth for your energy needs, we will be able to guide you through signing up for the best programs in your area.

The cost-saving benefits can be really beneficial, and to help all customers gain the benefits of solar power, SunEarth offers a full range of financing options.

Common Areas Served in Arizona

 With a large network of installers and distributors, we are able to serve towns and cities throughout Arizona. Below are just some of the towns and cities we currently service:

  • Phoenix
  • Scottsdale
  • Peioria
  • Tuscon
  • Glendale
  • Mesa
  • Chandler
  • Gilbert
  • Avondale
  • Cave Creek
  • Sun City
  • Fountain Hills
  • Tolleson

For details on your nearest SunEarth distributor or installer, contact one of our friendly professionals today.


Southwest Gas Solar Water Heating Rebate

Go solar, Arizona, and save money in the long-run. There isn’t a more abundant energy source than the sun, and when you install a solar water heating system with natural gas back-up, you’re benefitting from a cleaner and greener water heating system. You can take advantage of big savings with rebates on qualifying solar water heating systems for your home today! 

  • Reduce the cost of heating water in half
  • Generate hot water for your home and business in a cost-effective way
  • Can be used in any climate
  • Reduce hot water operating costs up to 90% by using the sun's energy


Equipment Type

Equipment Requirements 

Rebate Amount

Residential Solar Water Heating System*

Collectors must be OG-100 certified. 

$11.50/therm up to $2,000 or 40% of installed cost

Commercial Solar Water Heating System*

Collectors must be OG-100 certified.

$11.50/therm up to $20,000 or 40% of installed cost

Commercial Solar Pool Heating System*

Collectors must be OG-100 certified.

$11.50/therm up to $20,000 or 40% of installed cost

*Equipment must be installed by a Qualified Contractor.


SunWatts Renewable Energy Incentive Program 

Duncan Valley Electric Cooperative offers the SunWatts renewable energy incentive program to help members who are interested in using a renewable energy source.

Retail customers can receive a rebate up to $500 for installation of qualifying systems.


Energy Equipment Property Tax Exemption

Arizona’s property tax exemption was established in June 2006 (H.B. 2429) and originally applied only to “solar energy devices and any other device or system designed for the production of solar energy for on-site consumption.” For property tax assessment purposes, these devices are considered to add no value to the property. 


Solar Design Standards for State Buildings

Arizona law requires that new state building projects over 6,000 square feet follow prescribed solar design standards. Solar improvements should be evaluated on the basis of life cycle costs. Affected buildings include buildings designed and constructed by the department of administration, school districts and universities. These projects must include an evaluation of: (a) proper site orientation; (b) active and passive solar energy systems for space heating; (c) solar water heating; and (d) use of solar daylighting devices. 


The SRP Residential Solar Water Heating Program 

SRP has dedicated $10,800 in funding for the Residential Solar Water Heating Program through April 30, 2021. Progress towards that goal is reflected in the reservation status bar on the right of the page.


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