SunEarth Areas Served

SunEarth is one of the oldest solar hot water companies in the United States, and our name is trusted and well known across the country. We service every state in the US, including Puerto Rico. 

Our products are designed and manufactured with your specific climate condition in mind. We have experience in providing industry leading solar hot water collectors, components, and packaged solar hot water systems for commercial, industrial and residential applications. 


united states solar hot water manufacturer

With a large network of installers and distributors, we are able to serve towns and cities across the country. As a solar thermal manufacturer, we offer products to help people save money on utility bills while helping the environment.

Some of the common areas we serve across the United States include Hawaii, California, and the Northeast US.

The following areas are where our distributors serve:



We also service internationally.

The following are some of the other countries that SunEarth has serviced:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • Guam
  • Guatemala

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