SunEarth Inc - Quality Solar Water Heating Products

SunEarth Inc - Quality Solar Water Heating Products

SunSaver is SunEarth’s only OG-300 certified system that is specifically designed for climates that never experience freeze conditions. Potable water under city pressure efficiently circulates directly through the solar collectors and into the solar tank. Because the system does not utilize heat exchangers, drainback tanks, or other components required in cold climates, the SunSaver is an extremely efficient solar water heating system. At this time SunEarth does not permit the SunSaver to be installed within the continental United States.

If properly installed and maintained the SunSaver open-loop system can safely be deployed in any area that has never experienced freezing conditions.  SRCC Rated Freeze Tolerance:   41° F

SRCC System Ratings (OG-300)

The Solar Rating & Certification Corporation OG-300 systems level rating is an independent assessment of both system reliability and performance. Systems that receive this rating must meet HUD minimum property standards in addition to a rigorous review performed by SRCC staff and design review team. Once the system has passed these quality assurance checks it undergoes a full performance analysis to estimate the actual solar contribution of the system towards an average hot water load. This contribution, as defined by the Solar Energy Factor is listed alongside the different variants of each system type.

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