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SunEarth Inc - Quality Solar Water Heating Products


SunEarth Supports 2017 Solar + Storage Worker Day
August 17th, 2017



SunEarth, along with solar companies from across California, will gather to support the future development of solar energy at the 2017 Solar + Storage Worker Day in Sacramento. Organized by the California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA), the day will highlight the significant potential for job creation from a thriving solar energy industry with employees representing their respective solar energy companies.

Solar Created My Job, and it Probably Created Yours

Solar industry workers are invited to share what their solar careers mean to them with legislators from across the state.

For an entire day, your story will be the star of the show. It’s well worth the time, energy, and effort.

Securing Solar for All

One of the legislative priorities for 2017 Solar + Storage Worker Day will be to focus on ensuring market certainty for Solar + Storage throughout the state.

Help educate lawmakers about the importance of solar and storage jobs in California, and the need to support legislation that promotes solar energy, energy storage and the industry as a whole.

This may seem seem foreign or complicated, however, government representatives are elected to ensure the citizens views and beliefs are heard. Meeting with your representatives and senators will be anything but daunting this coming 2017 Solar + Storage Worker Day. It is critical that the voices of those in support of the solar industry are not intimidated but instead invigorated to participate in this process.

In the solar industry, we know that education is the best medicine for uncertainty — for customers, investors and legislators alike.

So What will Happen?

SunEarth and industry colleagues will meet with key staffers who are subject matter experts and help legislators prepare for their committee work. Groups like CALSEIA develop strong relationships with these key staffers to ensure the legislator has the data they need to make decisions in key areas like the Investment Tax Credit or other legislation of concern to the solar industry.

Legislators want to hear how constituents are benefitting from the legislative process. If you can make it to Sacramento, California on Tuesday, August 29th to make your voice heard it helps you, your company, and the industry. Register with CALSEIA for Solar + Storage Worker Day here:


August 11th, 2017

SunEarth provides its customers with several engineered residential, commercial, and industrial solar hot water heating products that have been certified or listed with various accredited third-party agencies. SunEarth’s solar hot water heating products and components are certified, approved and/or listed with the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (ICC-SRCC), the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

These independent third-party certifications and approvals are recognized and referenced by federal and state governments for tax credit purposes, by various public and municipal utility companies for energy efficiency and renewable rebate programs, and by plumbing and mechanical code officials and field inspectors in most jurisdictions.

ICC-SRCC rates and certifies individual solar collectors and complete solar hot water heating solutions. Furthermore, the ICC-SRCC is a nationally recognized independent third-party certification agency that promulgates standards and operating guidelines Standard 100 (collectors) and Standard 300 (systems). IAMPO Research and Testing is a certification and testing body that ensures product compliance to the requirements of various codes and national standards, including the Uniform Solar Energy Code (USEC). IAPMO and ICC-SRCC issue annual certificates of listing for conforming products and systems.

ICC-SRCC Standard 300 provides an independent assessment of a residential domestic water heating systems reliability and performance. Systems that receive this rating must pass a rigorous review performed by the ICC-SRCC staff and design review team. Once the system has met or exceeded these quality assurance checks it undergoes a full performance analysis to estimate the actual solar contribution of the system towards an average hot water load. This contribution, defined by the Solar Energy Factor (SEF), is listed by the ICC-SRCC for the different variants of each system type.

The entire system of components submitted by SunEarth to ICC-SRCC for rating and certification is essentially a prescriptive specification. SunEarth specifies the design and acceptable materials and methods in accordance with ICC-SRCC requirements.

After the review process detailed above the specified design, materials and methods in accordance with ICC-SRCC system certification.

Although SunEarth is responsible for the design of various residential solar water heating systems, and holds the ICC-SRCC certifications for these systems, our distributor and contractor partners are typically the entities responsible for local product fulfillment and installation services. Our channel partners source materials from the approved system components and install them in accordance with the design and methods outlined in our certified ICC-SRCC manuals. SunEarth provides a variety of branded products including panels, mounting hardware, tanks, pump stations, and controls. Assembling the components and installing the systems as specified is the essential value added by our professional channel partners.

SunEarth, your Solar Energy Specialists, announces the latest in Solar Hot Water Stations.
July 27th, 2017

SunEarth, your Solar Energy Specialists, announces the latest in Solar Hot Water Stations.

Introducing the DRAINPACK Hot Water Station, the SOLARAY AC Hot Water Station and the ISLANDER Hot Water Station, three new hot water stations available by SunEarth. Featuring Ease of Use, and Value wrapped up into three convenient systems.


The DRAINPACK Hot Water Station

The Drainpack Hot Water Station (HWS) was specifically designed and engineered with the professional installer in mind. The HWS is factory assembled using top tier components and is tested for hydraulic integrity to ensure a smooth installation. The Drainpack HWS pairs perfectly with SunEarth’s high performing Cascade drainback system and includes all necessary components while eliminating dozens of intermediate connections.


The ISLANDER Hot Water Station

Innovative installation practices go hand in hand with innovative products and the Islander, SunEarth’s most recent addition to its hot water station lineup is nothing short of innovative. In short, The Islander is performance, longevity, and ease of installation that’s guaranteed to satisfy the professional installer.

Featuring stainless steel and copper components, and a backup heating element, the Islander hot water station is designed to last.


The SOLARAY AC Hot Water Station

The SunEarth SolaRay AC is a ready to install, pre-engineered hot water station (HWS) that is designed with seamless installation in mind. Factory assembled using top tier components and tested for hydraulic integrity. The SolaRay AC HWS contains all the components and safety devices necessary for SunEarth’s high performing SolaRay AC indirect glycol system. Featuring an all copper, double walled heat exchanger, an adjustable three speed pump and manufactured by SunEarth, the SolaRay AC HWS is the installers obvious choice.

Thank you for visiting SunEarth at Intersolar
July 25th, 2017


SunEarth, along with Steca Elektronik, would like to thank you again for taking the time to speak with us last week at Intersolar North America.

Didn’t get a chance to speak with us, here’s what you missed.

  • Steca Elektronik introduced a 5 Kw Charge Controller Inverter new to the North American market.
  • SunEarth is bringing a NEW PRODUCT to the market at the end of this year.

Curious? Feel free to contact us at, if you have further questions or if you want more information about our quality solar energy products.

We’ll see you in San Francisco next Summer!

Four Reasons to Visit SunEarth at Intersolar
July 5th, 2017

Up our sleeve

Intersolar North America is fast approaching. If you’re going, you should start planning what you’ll do when you get there. Going in without a plan can lead to aimless wandering and less networking than you were hoping for. To get you started, here are a few things SunEarth suggests you do during your time at Intersolar.


SunEarth is one of the most experienced solar thermal manufacturers in the world. Since 1978, SunEarth has designed and built industry-leading solar hot water collectors, components and packaged systems. Every SunEarth product is constructed to exacting standards with the world’s harshest climates and environmental conditions in mind.

Our commitment to performance, durability and innovation is unparalleled – SunEarth is a global leader in renewable energy technology, offering more SRCC certified system options than anyone else in the world.

Our product portfolio consists of Solar Hot Water Collectors such as the Empire and ThermoRay Series, both of which will be on display the week of Intersolar.

If you’ve been anticipating a meeting with some of the awesome people here at SunEarth, or if you’re just curious about us, stop by our booth! You can find us in Booth 9851. Our team would love to talk with you about solar, the industry. Etc. Bring your questions, your thoughts, and your business cards. We never miss an opportunity to connect with other solar industry professionals.


Intersolar boasts over 200 international speakers, all experts in their fields. Sitting in on a conference presentation is a great way to learn even more about the solar industry. You’ll enjoy an in-depth discussion from experts and hear what they think. With this information, you’ll be better equipped to anticipate the changes ahead in the solar industry and renewable energy sector.

We personally recommend “Solar Heating & Cooling – Changing your Climate, not the Planet’s” to be held Wednesday, July 12, 2017, 10:00 am – 01:00 pm at the InterContinental Hotel Level 4, Telegraph Hill.


Intersolar is the perfect place for solar professionals to network. There are people from across the solar industry – installers, manufacturers, analysts, design firms, and financiers.

With events such as Summerfest and Battle of the Bands, there are endless opportunities.

Be sure to put your best foot forward and take a huge stack of business cards with you. You just may meet your next partner at Intersolar.


Intersolar is a solar industry professional’s paradise. You’ll meet new business contacts, learn more than you thought possible about the solar industry, and leave feeling energized and ready to get back to work. After you get home, don’t be surprised if you can’t wait until Intersolar 2018.


SunEarth & Title 24
June 1st, 2017



The California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards are designed to ensure new and existing buildings achieve energy efficiency and preserve outdoor and indoor environmental quality. These measures (Title 24, Part 6) are listed in the California Code of Regulations. The California Energy Commission is responsible for adopting, implementing and updating building energy efficiency. Local city and county enforcement agencies have the authority to verify compliance with applicable building codes, including energy efficiency.

(Excerpted from the CEC Title 24 website)


Solar Hot Water plays a large role in helping buildings exceed California’s Title 24 regulations.  Given our history in California, SunEarth has been a great partner assisting developers meet and exceed Title 24 standards by manufacturing the most certified hot water products in the industry. The right product for the right application critical for the vast diversity of building occupancy throughout the state of California.


Water heating energy use makes up a significant portion of total energy use for residential/occupied buildings. In California’s mildest climates water heating energy use may equal the combined energy needed for space heating and space cooling. A solar water heating system can contribute up to 80 percent of the energy needed for domestic water heating (depending on the design of the solar water heating system). The contribution of a solar water heating system can be claimed as credit toward compliance with the Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards and also for qualification for the New Solar Homes Partnership or other incentives programs that require specified savings beyond the standards.

(Excerpted from the Go Solar California website)

May 8th, 2017

SunEarth Inc


SunEarth. in an effort to increase the knowledge of solar heating and cooling technologies and their eminence potential for reducing greenhouse gases as well as reducing onsite energy consumption is working to compile real world data of successful installations.  At present the Solar heating and cooling Industry is lacking when it comes to substantiated readily available information.

As our trusted installers, we need your assistance with this matter. Please take a moment to fill out the form below and return to us, along with supporting images. In return we gain valuable information to support the Industry, and you receive free Marketing with a mention on the SunEarth website.

Download the form below and return to, Thank you in advance for helping us flood the market with valuable information!


Case Study Form

May 1st, 2017


July 11, 2017 | 5pm-10pm | AT&T Park| San Francisco


SunEarth is a global leader in renewable energy technology, offering more SRCC certified system options than anyone else in the world.  Since 1978, SunEarth has designed and built industry-leading solar hot water collectors, components and packaged systems.

Join SunEarth and more than 2,000 solar professionals on Tuesday, July 11th as we relish being the CHAMPIONS OF SOLAR. With so much to celebrate, Summerfest is being revamped. Summerfest will take place on the same night as the MLB All-Star Game which will be broadcast live on the jumbotron for all to enjoy. There will be company sponsored tours of AT&T park, special use of the batting cages, custom photo booth baseball trading cards, along with hosted food and drink stations. Any guesses which station SunEarth is hosting?

The California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA) is a non‐profit organization with the mission to expand the use of all solar technologies in California and establish a sustainable industry for a clean energy future. All event proceeds go towards supporting CALSEIA.

For additional information about this years Summerfest, go to



April 20th, 2017

sunearth day


The growing global appetite for greener energy, a paradox if you will. Sales of solar panels and wind turbines have increased in recent years, as this has come to pass so too does the scale of an often-overlooked problem now being stored for future generations. What happens to all the “green” infrastructure when it reaches the end of its life?

When early-generation green technology is replaced, much of it now finds its way into landfills or incinerators. This is not only a blow to waste-reduction efforts, adding hundreds of thousands of tons of rubbish to the global tally every year, but is also a colossal missed opportunity.

SunEarth is passionate about making total recycling of green energy technology a reality. Which is why SunEarth Liquid Flat Plate Solar Collectors, have replacement capacity factored into their design. Comprised of metals and glass, our Liquid Flat Plate Collectors come equipped with the ability to have components separated and replaced or removed for easy recycling of the commodity metals within thus ensuring that all SunEarth Collectors offer the longest possible high performing life span. As a basis of design, we strive to make our world as green as can be.

A healthy economy requires constant production and consumption. But with a scarcity of natural resources, and with the desire to achieve a sustainable future, we must strive for a circular economy in which products that have reached the end of their life are no longer seen as waste, but as a valuable resource for future production.

With this in mind, Happy SunEARTH DAY 2017!

Join SunEarth at the AOA Million Dollar Trade Show!
April 18th, 2017


Long Beach, California

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Do you own Multi Family/Multi Tenant properties?
Are you in the Southern California Market?

SunEarth, Inc. wants to talk with you, and what better venue to have a chat about rebates, incentives, and credits for Multi Family than at the A0A Million Dollar Trade Show?

Interested in attending, follow the URL and register for the day.


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