Solar absorber plates

Solar absorber plates


The extraordinary SunBurst all copper absorber plate is the heart of each SunEarth liquid flat plate collector. Each SunBurst absorber is constructed of a thick .008 roll- formed copper sheet that is continuously soldered to a Type-M copper header and riser piping assembly utilizing a non-corrosive solder paste. The riser piping is a minimum 1/2″ O.D. Type-M copper tubing. 

The header piping is a minimum  7/8′  O.D., 1 1/8″  O.D. or 1 5/8″ O.D.  Type-M copper tubing depending upon the collector model chosen. The riser to header bond is made with a phosphorous brazing alloy with no less than 5% silver content and conforms to the American Welding Society’s BCuP-3 classification. The SunBurst absorber plate is designed for operating pressures up to 160 psig.

The SunBurst absorber has been independently tested by U.L Laboratories to UL Standard 1279, Section 30.2 for liquid containment. The absorber was submitted to an internal hydrostatic pressure of 2.5 times the rated positive pressure of 160 psig, or 400 psig, for one hour without evidence of leakage or rupture.


What is a Solar Absorber Plate?

A solar absorber plate is the metallic material right behind the glass in a collector. It is responsible for transferring the solar energy into the collector using the risers that are connected to it.

What Materials Do Absorber Plates Come In?

The Empire Solar Absorber Plate comes in copper with a selective coating. The Thermoray series collector has an absorber plate made of aluminum. The SunBurst Absorber Plate is known for being all copper. 

Standard SunBurst Plate Specifications

SunEarth Model Number Gross Area (sq ft) Dry Weight (lbs) Fluid Capacity (US gal) Water Design Flow (GPM) ΔP at Design (psig) Max Flow (GPM) Max Pressure (psig) Header Width (in) Header Center to Center (in)
PS/BS21 19.70 18 0.72 0.54 0.015 12 160 43 3/8 71 5/8
PS/BS24 24.61 20 0.78 0.62 0.017 12 160 39 3/8 93 5/8
PS/BS32 32.79 26 1.00 0.83 0.018 12 160 51 3/8 93 5/8
PS/BS40 40.81 33 1.20 1.04 0.020 12 160 51 3/8 115 5/8
PS/BS40-1.5 40.81 36 1.61 1.04 0.020 12 160 51 3/8 115 5/8


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