Education Industry Solar Water Heating

As the demand for sustainable and carbon-neutral solutions grows, many schools, colleges, and universities are looking to move away from traditional and expensive fossil fuels. Solar energy offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative.

For over 40 years, SunEarth has provided high quality and innovative solar water heating for the education industry. We help schools and universities across the US and abroad utilize the power of solar energy to save significant money on the energy bills while also significantly rescuing their carbon footprints. With our extensive network of installers and distributors, we can provide the most effective solar water heating systems, wherever you are in the country.

No matter whether you are a small school or a large multi-building campus, we can provide you with the latest solar water heating system solutions.

Solar Water Heating System for schools
solar water heating for universities

Common Applications 

Solar water heating systems for universities are ideal for large campuses with residences, dining, and sporting facilities. In fact, schools and colleges of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the power of solar energy.

Our solar water heating systems for the education industry can be utilized in a wide variety of ways:

  • swimming pool heating
  • hot water for restrooms, locker rooms, showers, staff rooms, common areas
  • residences
  • laboratories and studios
  • cooking facilities
  • building heating systems


Why Choose Solar Water Heating for Education Industry? 

Schools and universities are usually ideal places for solar energy as they have many buildings and use extremely large amounts of water throughout the year. Hot water and heating systems can create large electricity and gas bills, especially in older buildings using outdated energy systems.

  • Cost-Effective - As mentioned above, solar energy is cost-effective and can save the educational institute thousands of dollars a year to invest in supplies, extra teachers, or other essentials. They also require minimal maintenance, which can save a lot of money on service costs.
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions - Solar energy is a clean energy source that helps schools and universities significantly reduce their carbon emissions. This is particularly attractive to the newer generations that have a greater awareness of global warming and want to go to a school that is using eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives. 
  • Learning Opportunities - Schools, colleges, and universities can use the technology to help educate their students on the benefits of using alternative energy sources, which will be necessary for future generations. Some universities also have found ways to utilize the technology in a wide variety of ways.

Featured Projects

Wheaton College

wheaton college pool

Wheaton College’s Haas Athletic Center in Massachusetts has utilized the power of solar energy to heat the center’s Olympic sized pool and provide hot water to the locker rooms, restrooms, and showers. The innovative design enables the pool and hot water supply to be heated to different temperatures relative to the weather conditions. This provides outstanding energy efficiency, and the system is estimated to save the college around $30,000 in energy bills, while also significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

We have installed our innovative and energy-saving solar water systems at schools and universities throughout the USA, as well as abroad.

To learn more about our Wheaton College project, view the case study


Miramonte High School

miramonte high school pool

Miramonte High School is a public high school located in Orinda, California. SunEarth installed the solar array of 203 collectors to provide heat to the school's pool year-round.  The system deploys a Solar Brain controller operating the solar pump via a variable frequency drive to adjust the flow through the solar array to maximize heat production. The system is self-monitoring pushing notification to the installer and the maintenance team when it detects any divination from the normal operating range. 

The system provides 24,000 Therms/Yr with total savings estimated at $36,000 annually eliminating 4,800 metric tons of carbon emissions.

To learn more about our Miramonte project, view the case study

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