Solar Energy Monitoring System

Solar heating systems create a tremendous amount of energy and are an investment in future energy allowing owners to save a significant portion of their heating costs over long periods of time. Monitoring and recording of the systems parameters and operation is critical and themost cost-effective way to ensure maximum performance over the life of the system.

  • Web based devices such as those offered by SunEarth give system owners many advantages for maintaining their investment:
  • Helps owners understand how their system is working, providing additional confidence in solar heating systems.
  • Historical data outlines how the system has operated over its entire life.
  • Installer/service personnel can observe system operation and manage maintenance remotely.
  • Instantaneous web monitoring allows the service provider to detect and diagnose small problems before they become larger.
  • May be used to receive REC’s, rebates, and incentives which may cover cost of monitoring

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