Empire Series Black Chrome

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Empire Series Black Chrome

The Empire Series Liquid Flat Plate Collectors The Solar Professional’s First Choice

America’s leading distributors and contractors have made the SunEarth Empire Series liquid flat plate collectors the solar professional’s first choice.  The Empire Series has everything that professional contractors demand in a solar collector: sleek appearance, high performance, versatility, ease of installation, and rugged field-tested durability. SunEath’s Empire Series collectors have over thirty-seven consecutive years of engineering and design experience built into every product.  The Empire Series collectors define quality and value in the North American market. The Empire collectors’ versatility make them the best choice for residential, multi-family or commercial systems. Large diameter Type-M copper riser tubes allow the Empire collector to be used in glycol forced circulation, drainback, or open-loop system configurations depending upon the climate and application.

Available with either 1” or 1.5” internal headers, the Empire makes multi-family and commercial projects simpler to design, install, and maintain. The Empire’s large commercial headers allow more collectors to be safely installed in a bank while continuing to accommodate normal expansion and contraction in the fully plumbed array.

The Empire Black Chrome Collector (EC Series) consists of an absorber coating that is finish coated black chrome with a nickel base coating having a minimum absorptivity of 95 percent and a maximum emissivity of 12 percent. The instantaneous efficiency of the collector has a minimum Y-intercept of 0.735 and a slope of no less than -0.730 BTU/ft2. hr.oF.

SunEarth Empire Series collectors come in four sizes with a choice of two high performance absorber coatings. Including our two commercial collectors, the Empire Series is available in twelve models.

Solar water heating should never be a gamble. With SunEarth’s Empire Series collectors professional contractors rest easy. They know their customers will enjoy trouble free and persistent energy savings for many years to come.

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