Project Introduction

Project Name: Debakey VA Hospital

Location: Houston, Texas

Installed: 2018

Installer: Sunshine Plus Solar

In 2018 Sunshine Plus Solar was fortunate enough to secure a contract installing a solar thermal project for the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Houston, Texas. The goal of this installation was to install a sufficient amount of solar hot water panels to provide hot water for the therapeutic pools used for rehabilitation for veterans. In all, Sunshine Plus Solar installed forty hot water panels to provide 80% of the medical centers required hot water production needs annually throughout the year.


Project Summary:

LocationMichael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center - Houston, Texas

Solar Collectors: 40 SunEarth Empire Chrome (EC-32) Flat Plate Collectors 

System Format: Solar pre-heated water


Contact Information: 

SunEarth  www.sunearthinc.com

Sunshine Plus Solar https://sunshineplussolar.com/


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