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The Oasis PP pool heating collector – the first choice for solar professionals, engineers and specifiers.

The Oasis PP is SunEarth’s market leading pool and spa heating collector. The Oasis PP is manufactured from a high temperature polypropylene copolymer plastic material with decades of field-tested reliability. This rugged and affordable collector has been specifically engineered by SunEarth for commercial swimming pool applications, but is equally at home in any residential application. The Oasis PP is the state-of-the-art choice for America’s solar pool heating professional contractors.

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SunEarth Model Number Gross Area (sq ft) Dry Weight (lbs) Fluid Capacity (US gal) Design Flow (GPM) Max Flow (GPM) Header Width (in)
OPP-32-1.5 31.43 13.20 2.35 3.25 10 50.5
OPP-40-1.5 39.29 15.40 3.05 4.0 10 50.5
OPP-48-1.5 47.25 19.80 3.54 5.0 10 50.5
OPP-32-2 31.43 13.20 2.35 3.25 10 50.5
OPP-40-2 39.29 15.40 3.05 4.0 10 50.5
OPP-48-2 47.25 19.80 3.54 5.0 10 50.5

SunEarth IAMPMO Ratings for Oasis PP

Pool collectors are rated by IAMPMO in the same way that glazed collectors are rated by the SRCC under OG-100 guidelines. Because pool collectors such as the Oasis PP are un-insulated, the performance drops rapidly with increasing temperature difference.

Product Images