SunEarth Inc - Quality Solar Water Heating Products

SunEarth Inc - Quality Solar Water Heating Products

SunEarth, now a registered Direct Pay distributor for the HERO™ program.



SunEarth is proud to announce that we are participating in the HERO Direct Pay Program.


What is the HERO™ program?

HERO™ stands for “Home Energy Renovation Opportunity”. It is a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program which has helped to create more than 4,300 jobs, and funded more than 26,500 residential projects. By partnering with your local government, the HERO™ program makes energy and water efficiency upgrades more affordable for home owners.

As a registered Direct Pay distributor for the HERO™ program, SunEarth is committed to bringing you the highest quality solar solutions available!

What is HERO™ Direct Pay?

For many contractors, the opportunities to install solar systems through the HERO Program have grown faster than they can secure product. HERO Direct Pay, in conjunction with SunEarth, helps to remove credit limit barriers for contractors.

HERO Direct Pay allows contractors to take on new jobs without having to worry about spending cash out of pocket or tying up credit on job materials. HERO Direct Pay does not affect a contractor’s existing credit limit or access to credit with a participating distributor because payment is secured through HERO and then processed directly through the distributor. HERO Direct Pay is available only to HERO registered contractors who are approved by a Direct Pay distributor.

HERO Direct Pay is possible thanks to Renovate America’s partnerships with some of the nation’s largest equipment distributors, including SunEarth. With HERO Direct Pay, distributors ship materials without upfront payments. When the project is complete, HERO pays the contractor and the distributor directly.

Based in Southern California, SunEarth is the obvious choice for every type of Solar Energy technology including photovoltaic, water heating and pool heating. If you are interested in receiving more information, please contact SunEarth at (909) 434-3100.

Posted: November 7th, 2016

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